Lanvin Fall/Winter 2008 at Luisa Via Roma

Written By bryanboy

Lanvin Fall/Winter 2008 at Luisa Via Roma

It’s here. They’re all here! The Fall/Winter 2008 Lanvin menswear and womenswear collections are now available at luxury superstore Luisa Via Roma. I’m blown away with their selection. Everything is just so beautiful and so chic. Remember how the iconic Isabella Blow (may god bless her soul) bought Alexander McQueen’s entire collection when he graduated… on weekly installment? Well, someone should give me Alber’s phone number so I’ll call him and ask for a payment plan because I am in love with everything! *sigh*

Lanvin Fall Winter 2008 Luisa Via Roma
Lanvin Menswear Fall 2008Lanvin Womenswear Fall 2008

Check it out. My top “must-haves” (I’m only saying this because a lot of the pieces are ‘out of my reach’ but if I had the resources I’d go straight to the fur coat!) are the women’s t-shirts and men’s sneakers. They were meant for me.

Click the men or women’s buttons above to browse Lanvin’s fall/winter 2008 collection at my favourite online shop, Luisa Via Roma. They ship anywhere in the world and delivery is very fast. If you’re located outside the European Union, you get an automatic 17% (or something like that) discount because of the whole VAT-back thing. This is exactly why shopping in Europe is best. Those US$620 Lanvin sneakers at Barneys goes down to US$480. Need I say more? Flex that plastic and love the Lanvin.


  1. yep yep yep! they deliver anywhere in planet earth!
    no really, they can ship wherever fedex is served and that includes OZ :-)

  2. hey bb, i was thinking how do u actually buy ur jeans online or infact any of the clothes, because this is my first, and say if you buy a pair of jeans which looks nice but it would not necessarily look good when you put them on, how do u actually choose the size??

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