Kimy Jelly Tongue

Written By bryanboy

Kimy Jelly Tongue

Don’t let the name put you off. I went to the convenience store last night to buy cigarettes and saw this ice lolly thing that’s covered in/feels like jelly. It’s soo good I could eat a dozen of this shit in one sitting. Take my word for it (which we all know is good as gold… sometimes! hahaha)

Kimy Jelly Tongue comes in different flavours such as apple (see below), bubblegum (which I found gross) and something else. Also, they’re so cheap… 12 friggin pesos or US 26 cents EACH!!!

Kimy Jelly Tongue, Apple ice lolly

I kid you not when I say this thing right here is the BEST thing EVER
in the Philippines. Try it today! Run, don’t walk, run!


  1. james

    they just started producing this again.
    this came out around 6years ago. i remember i was in high school, and my friends and i would make out with it. haha.

  2. viannee

    I used to be so crazy about this! I remember the color of apple being green. I am so gonna scour conveniences stores for this.

  3. it was never gone. the other flavor is orange. i loved the strawberry flavor but i think they delisted it already. i always buy this whenever the ice cream vendor (the one with the annoying music) is around…
    and it’s so light so it makes you think it’s not fattening…

  4. fashionixzta

    the very first time my sweet toungue set on the cold surface of this”object of delicacy” made me felt like i was eating a person’s real toungue tee hee…and yeah the bubblegum flavor really IS grosser than the others..i makes me wanna puke yuuckkk!!!

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