Kate Moss for Vogue USA: August 2008

Written By bryanboy

Kate Moss for Vogue USA: August 2008

Gasp! A model! SHOCK HORROR! Supermodel (and I’m not using that term loosely) Kate Moss is on the cover of the August 2008 issue of American Vogue. Man, is Kate lookin a bit chunky or what? Just kidding! The supermo, who single-handedly sparked the heroin chic of bonanza 90s, is now a full-grown woman. Awww. Remember that line from SATC the movie? Vogue designers… Vogue photographers… Vogue airbrushing.

Kate Moss, Vogue USA cover, August 2008
photo via tfs

I wonder what Snejana would look like twenty years from now. I mean think about it. If Rachel Zoe was the woman responsible for bringing anorexia in style in Hollywood via her zoebots, the lovely Snejana is the model responsible for bringing the likes of Olga, Vlada et al down the runways. In other words, she and her Russian gang made “heroin chic” look like a bunch of fat fighters/weight-watchers club members!

The $64 million question is: do you think this cover will sell to the masses? Conde Nast Portfolio recently reported that the May 2008 issue featuring the dull Gwyneth Paltrow is Vogue USA’s worst selling issue, having sold only a mere 310,000 copies. Also, the April 2008 issue with Gisele Bundchen sold 350,000 copies compared to last year’s average of 452,207. It’s Vogue’s worst-selling April issue since 2001.

Meanwhile, WWD mentioned that Conde Nast will print another 10,000 copies of its groundbreaking and HISTORICAL Vogue Italia July 2008 All-black issue. Yay Vogue Italia!

A spokeswoman for Condé said the company increased newsstand
distribution of the special issue by 40 percent in the U.S., and will
reallocate Italian copies earmarked for returns to the U.S. The company
will also print another 10,000 copies to meet the demand for the issue.

Gurl that’s gotta hurt, no? Big, big, big kudos to Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani for making things happen!


  1. Is it me or has her face totally changed shape?
    Guess that’s the Vogue aribrushing working it’s magic….
    Also she doesn’t look at all comfortable in that dress. That dress is Anna Wintour, not Kate Moss!

  2. Pooreza Schouler

    what is she wearing? is that dior? maybe anna wintour should put the 6 supermodels back together in the cover – i’m sure it will sell! yes, only 6: linda, christy, naomi, cindy, claudia and kate.

  3. Victoria

    I think Gwyneth’s cover didn’t sell very well was because of the fact that her face was not photoshop’d onto the body very well. Way to obvious.

  4. that dress and posture is sooo not kate moss
    gotta love that little contemptuous smirk on her face though

  5. Oh God, they made her look old and not at all like herself.
    That updo is pretty aging too, a little too Cindy McCain for my taste.
    But yeah, she does have a bit of a knowing smirk on her face.

  6. gosh, vogue really does a number on peoples faces…drew barrymore, Sara Jessica Parker and now Kate Moss! They always choose the photo which seems to least look like the celebrity or tweak it to death. Maybe not recognizing her is a good thing! She looks lovely.

  7. oh my goodness that’s not kate moss! she’s all covered up in the most conservative clothes i have ever seen on her. baka it might not sell, she looks so different. but then again they might be intrigued so they might buy it.

  8. kristin

    this cover looks soo old–ridiculous!!
    and where is this italian vogue–can’t find it in stores.

  9. It almost seems to be an exercise in ‘how gullible are we’? The photo in and of itself is lovely, but if they are attempting to sell it as a Kate Moss shot, then I think it misses the mark. On another note, I trust your dad’s surgery went well and all is looking up in your world.

  10. michelle

    Does anybody know where to get the Italia Vogue July Issue??? Or where to buy online?

  11. Amazing.
    Vogue American is so bad now that even Kate Moss looks chubby on the cover…

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