Handpainted HVBAO Sneakers

Written By bryanboy

Handpainted HVBAO Sneakers

Sometime last year, one of my female friends invited me to have coffee with her gay couple friends visiting from Los Angeles. I brought my ginormous Goyard blue croisiere at that time and one of the gays innocently questioned the authenticity of my bag (which is real, btw) by asking me “ayyy fiax??” (translation: oh is that fake?).  Since then, the word “FIAX” (which is third world gay lingo for fake…pronounced as “fee-yaxe”) stuck in my head and I always laugh a little whenever I use that word because you should’ve seen the way he said it. There he was (hello Cedric I miss you!!), a big broly muscle mary man with an even bigger, brolyer, more muscular LAPD (yep) boyfriend, using the word FIAX… LOL.

Speaking of FIAX, check out these handpainted, made in China, FIAX Chuck Taylors. I hate it when people watermark their photos, especially retailers. Ugh.

Aren’t they cute? Come to think of it, everyone’s doing Chuck Taylors even Dior
friggin Homme and Lanvin have their own versions of the classic
American sneaker. I know I’m too old for shoes like these but at only US$38 (yep, thirty eight dollars!!! cheap!!!) per pair, sorry, but, I couldn’t resist! They also offer FREE international express shipping for all orders $150 and above so you can get your order in just a few days.

Click here, here and here. There’s more HERE. Look up “HVBAO” sneakers. Sizing is unisex (and European)… just use their size chart for the right conversion.

What do you think? Yay or nay? I think they’re too cute and I certainly wouldn’t mind lounging around the house in those.


  1. mariko

    nice! i checked the site and they have free shipping for $150 and above orders. but how do you wash handpainted shoes?

  2. i found these at my local “everything” chinese store in my corner of the third world for us$13. i only noticed them because of this post. i may just have to buy a pair as tribute to bb;they are not really my thing…

  3. chelito

    btw the top pictures of the red checker chucks are special edition comme des garcons by junya watanabe for converse

  4. how he dare??? you should bitch-slaped that fag and leave the meeting with integrity !!

  5. I’m brazilian from Rio de janeiro and I loved all sneakers.
    Congratulations , kisses!!!!!

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