Givenchy Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2008 Announcement: Lakshmi Menon

Written By bryanboy

For The Filipino in You

Filipinos, in my opinion, are the most notorious, anal-retentive English nazis on the face of the planet. Even more so than native English speakers themselves who, quite frankly, don’t give a fuck how something is written online as long as they could understand them. Flips, on the other hand, would totally rip you apart in blogs, discussion forums, etc. just to point out the slightest grammar/syntax/spelling mistake you’ve made. It’s that whole “better English = better education = my bushy 3-inch brown dick with a black scrotum is more superior than yours” etc mentality people here have. I know it’s crazy but it’s true. Some Filipinos really do get off on this shit. Trust me when I say that! Ever had someone correct you online? Chances are, that person is a Flip!  Anyway, I won’t dwell on that shit but let me tell you… man… I laughed so hard when I saw this announcement from the house of Givenchy.

PS. I love Givenchy and hell, I love Lakshmi Menon. She truly is the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen as of late. More on her later.


  1. celine magsaysay

    “It is the seventh SEASONS”
    — should be (i think)—>
    It is in the seventh season

  2. newbiebbfan

    is it the masculinity word? do they use that for female models?

  3. haha i noticed it straight away. But no, it appears Flips are not the only ones who are so quick to correct, my sister is one of those annoying people who corrects me on the internet all the time – not cool. As long as my english is competant when I’m trying to be serious, i couldn’t care less! Love you BryanBoy – all the way from down under, Kara x

  4. The word ‘feminity’ first appeared in the 2008 edition of the Givenchy dictionary.

  5. Renzo Navarro

    The errors are in the last sentence, I think. Golly I’m to lazy to point them out.
    1. seventh SEASON
    2. Comma splice.
    …and Vinoodh. Together we…
    I’m not sure if there are others though…

  6. 1. “The idea was to use girls from different nationality.” – nationalities/ethnic groups
    2. “…feminity and strong masculinity.” – what a contradiction in terms.
    3. “It is the seventh seasons.” – seventh season

  7. Fauzi Rassull

    Filipinos always believe they are are smart/great in everything.
    I just hate the way they think. That’s all.
    They brag about their “COUNTRY” and they brag about “FILIPINOS ARE ALL TALENTED PEOPLE”.
    (go to youtube and you will see the same similar comments posted/used by filipinos)
    two words: “FCUK EM”.
    But the point is, they aren’t like that in Singapore though. It’s really funny. Why is that so bryan?

  8. Fauzi… oi watch it. I’m Filipino too. ;)
    I think it’s great that people have a sense of nationalism and patriotism (hello France hello America) regardless where they are from. The only time I have a problem with it when it’s unwarranted or when it’s too extreme.

  9. Sofie

    Also “feminity” is not a word, the correct one is femininity!

  10. joane

    Not all Filipinos brag about their country and not all Filipinos brag about how “oh-so-talented” they are, or how smart they are and good at everything. In fact, most, if not all, are humble people.
    Well, how would you know, right? You only read youtube comments.
    It’s not like you LIVE there or anything.. So yeah.. In my opinion, you have NO IDEA about what you’re talking about..
    Three words: KISS MY GRITZ

  11. I know european don’t give a fuck about their grammar being a big joke. i figured it’s from their unnecessarily high confidence…
    I’m asian. i can’t say my grammar is perfect. but i try not to make embarrassing mistakes, and speak my mind correctly.
    I love people who try. not like those european say
    “Oh, she don’t said that. she no saying that. Yes?”
    and Yes. i’m always wowed by B.B’s perfect writing skill. and never lived in abroad?

  12. Fauzi

    oh my god.
    Im really sorry..
    I didn’t meant that way ya’ll. Only “some” are like that.
    Whatever with “speak good english”. But hey, I love filipinos and why? They are gorgeous people on earth. I swear.

  13. zsaryn

    I chose Natasha, Lara, Maria Carla, Kristen AND Lakshmi.
    feminity – femininity
    …use girls from different NATIONALITIES
    seventh SEASON
    most of the errors are on the use of punctuation marks…

  14. But my dick’s not 3-inch long? And I’m Filipino! Something’s wrong here… Hmmm…
    Live and love life BB!
    (Oh did I just ommit the comma there? And start my sentences with And and But? Hahahahah!)
    Cheers! ^_^

  15. samantha reminds me of an old fairytale princess art–think old school little match girl

  16. hmm.. what can i say. i’m filipino and i have a tendency of correcting grammar, spelling, etc… lol. maybe i’ll make a great proofreader. :)

  17. that –> whom
    feminity –> femininity
    nationality –> nationalities
    seasons –> seasons

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