Equestrian/Riding Boots, Carla Bruni for Vanity Fair September 2008

Written By bryanboy

Carla Bruni for Vanity Fair September 2008

What is the best thing you’ve bought on eBay? Mine has got to be these equestrian boots that I got for $29.99. Cheap eh? I don’t think it can get any better than that. Maybe one day when I become a bajillionaire from blogging I’ll buy a pair from Hermès… or I’ll get a custom-made pair made out of ostrich leather but until then, eBay is my best friend.

Dressage Riding Boots

I don’t own a horse (I wish — I love horses!), it’s hot in the third world and I’m not gonna ride a horse any time soon so what the hell do I need these boots for, you ask? Well, have you seen the latest cover of Vanity Fair magazine? Check it out. It’s Carla Bruni, the First Lady of France no less.

Carla Bruni, Vanity Fair September 2008 Style Issue

Now all I need to do is find a super wealthy friend with a super gold-gilded home so I’ll take my super silly self for a good ol’ super duper photo op. Fun eh?


  1. Snappy

    It’s terribly sad that we have a hideous First Lady in the White House. What’s with her frumpy fashion sense? She’s a hopeless case.
    Carla Bruni is light years ahead when it comes to style and beauty…tres chic! I love her patrician looks and impeccable bone structure.

  2. I’m actually not fond of Hermes’ riding boots – the ones that the models wore in a recent show (probably S/S 08) weren’t cute. The shafts were too loose and they just.. didn’t look like riding boots. Yours look fab, I’ll have to look into getting a pair myself.

  3. Hi Bryan, this will be out of topic, but I just watched project runway Phils and just how I wish you were one of the judges. Hope the producers and creative team get you as one of the judges. DI you by any chance watch the pilot? Regards

  4. gobsmackd

    I have bought well over 30 pairs of boots there over the last three or so years .. so am able to relate very well indeed! Not all were success stories though, as one seller failed to even mail them to me! And some were not as fab as the photos shown. Harrumph! But, overall; happy until I can afford a bespoke pair from Lobb et al.

  5. I so agree with you Snappy, carla Bruni is great, or should I say perfect! Other than being just a first lady she’s also a good singer and a model…. she’s got everything!
    Anyhoo, I dont really like it Bryanboy when you call P.I. “thirdworld”… Yes it’s a fact but it’s so unpleasant to hear!

  6. I love you Bryanboy. Your a well of fabulousness. Anyhooo….I adore those riding boots. I’ve been lookin’ for a pair of them.

  7. totally agree with you bryan, its fun to shop the ebay way, its like if you win, you know you worked hard to get that item….

  8. Riding boots need to have horse poo and mud all over them to be cool to wear. If you wear them polished and shiny you look rather lame.

  9. The boots are great, but the First Lady of France isn’t. She had many affairs with married men in her time. I resent the glorification of someone who is so lacking in morals and character.

  10. First of all Nance, European women especially those who’ve lived in France for a long time are bred differently. To them, having affairs are just part of life. So don’t judge her too harshly, having affairs or lovers in France is an acceptable sociable behavior. You’re just not that exposed or used to that kind of worldly behavior. Secondly, bryanboy, come back to HKG during winter time and you can wear your ebay boots here! Most women here wear them during that season and it looks super chic!

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