Carla Bruni for Vanity Fair September 2008

What is the best thing you’ve bought on eBay? Mine has got to be these equestrian boots that I got for $29.99. Cheap eh? I don’t think it can get any better than that. Maybe one day when I become a bajillionaire from blogging I’ll buy a pair from Herm├Ęs… or I’ll get a custom-made pair made out of ostrich leather but until then, eBay is my best friend.

Dressage Riding Boots

I don’t own a horse (I wish — I love horses!), it’s hot in the third world and I’m not gonna ride a horse any time soon so what the hell do I need these boots for, you ask? Well, have you seen the latest cover of Vanity Fair magazine? Check it out. It’s Carla Bruni, the First Lady of France no less.

Carla Bruni, Vanity Fair September 2008 Style Issue

Now all I need to do is find a super wealthy friend with a super gold-gilded home so I’ll take my super silly self for a good ol’ super duper photo op. Fun eh?