1. Giorgio

    don’t tell me you also love abfab :) who doesn’t?
    “sweety sweety daahling everything is under control” :)))))

  2. paulapoo

    Yo soy La Pequena Bryanboy! Amo las carteras y champagna! Si!

  3. paulapoo

    You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes. (ACCESSORIES dahling!)

  4. oh bryanboy, i love you. if only you’ll come to new york city and play dress up with me. we’ll go to crazy parties (hopefully thrown by miss pat field) because those are the best. ahh!

  5. I love you. You’re my new drug. This site is.
    I want to take you home, not for anything, were both girls hahahaha. I swear you’re the best thing that ever happened to Philippine fashion.

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