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Have you seen’s new list of favourite fashion blogs? They have quite an interesting mix. Facehunter is there… ditto with my fave Garancedore. Check it out! @

Bringing androgyny and attitude to the
blogosphere since 2004, Bryanboy’s reflections on fashion never fail to
entertain—even grabbing the attention of Marc Jacobs, after the
designer saw a tribute that this Philippine blogger posted about him
(when you see the new Marc by Marc ads for fall, 2008 featuring Cole
Mohr in drag, a nod to Bryanboys is hard to ignore)!

I’m so honored! I’m truly, truly, truly grateful! Thank you so much, Elle and!


  1. BryanBoy that’s so cool. Your list of fans is growing so big, soon you’ll be as huge as Perez haha! GUESS WHAT? Kara too was in a magazine today – ok so it’s not a fabulous Fashion Magazine but it was the Sunday Times Magazine (a.k.a STM) which the whole of Western Australia recieves int heir Sunday paper… I have the scan up on my blog hahaha –, what chuuu think BB?
    Love Kara xo

  2. Yeah. I saw the Marc Jacobs 2 page ad in this month’s issue of Lucky Magazine. Somehow, I knew it was inspired by you, Bryanboy.

  3. oh how I wish I was an influential blogger. One day, some day!
    Heh! I was right about those ads! Which was funny because I saw them a day after I discovered your BB blog!

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