Feast your eyes on this series of photos courtesy of them fashin fags. From runway to reality, check-out Ashanti in a Balenciaga frock…

Natasha Poly, Ashanti, Balenciaga Dress

On the left is my girl, the one and only Natasha Poly werking it at Balenciaga.

Meanwhile, the incredibly chic and svelte Cate Blanchett shows you how to wear it properly.

Cate Blanchett

Who do you think wore the Balenciaga dress best?

BTW I’m not hating. Like what I said, I’m an equal opportunity lover and I love everyone regardless of their size. However, some dresses, like skinny jeans, are simply NOT meant to be worn by women of certain body types. Look how Ashanti stretched the whole thing out! I can’t believe it! It’s Balenciaga for god’s sake!