Blasphemous: Ashanti in a Balenciaga Dress

Written By bryanboy


Feast your eyes on this series of photos courtesy of them fashin fags. From runway to reality, check-out Ashanti in a Balenciaga frock…

Natasha Poly, Ashanti, Balenciaga Dress

On the left is my girl, the one and only Natasha Poly werking it at Balenciaga.

Meanwhile, the incredibly chic and svelte Cate Blanchett shows you how to wear it properly.

Cate Blanchett

Who do you think wore the Balenciaga dress best?

BTW I’m not hating. Like what I said, I’m an equal opportunity lover and I love everyone regardless of their size. However, some dresses, like skinny jeans, are simply NOT meant to be worn by women of certain body types. Look how Ashanti stretched the whole thing out! I can’t believe it! It’s Balenciaga for god’s sake!


  1. Certainly that dress doesn’t appear to be right for Ashanti’s body. And then she had to go and throw a belt around it! On a side note, from where I’m sitting, Natasha’s shoes seem rather fabulous also…

  2. AGREED! I love it on the runway, I think Cate is too classic looking to pull off the whole spaceage look though. But Ashanti, my gosh, lets not even go there! She is beautiful but this dress is certainly not flattering on her body shape, and I am cringeing here in my seat, feeling sorry for the poor Balenciaga getting stretched :( nooooo! Plus what was she thinking with that belt and shoes….oh dear. Hope your dad is getting better BB, much love, Kara xo

  3. This probably isn’t the most figure flattering thing she has ever worn, but I disagree with you.
    This dress obviously comes in sizes other than a 0/2/4, honey.

  4. Katy_b

    definitely the model..but does it not remind you somewhat of Daniel from project runway’s plastic cupdress. not so innovative afterall perhaps?

  5. A Question of Sport

    Ashanti doesn’t look bad at all. The dress does not look “stretched out”.
    If the dress was not meant to be worn in Ashanti’s size, then it would not have been produced in that size by Balenciaga. Clearly Ghesquiere et. al. know that they have to design clothes that can be worn in several different sizes! Not just by double zeros!

  6. dhonjoman

    ashanti terorized the creations of ghesquiere! my gawd!i went gaga when i saw first this collection in only blanchett can pulled it off.

  7. bb, i hear ya! unfortch, i’m pear shaped and have massive thunder thighs that just weren’t meant for skinny jeans :'( i’ll never be able to rock em like those skinny ass hipsters :'( LOL applebottom jeans for me, biotches :D
    p.s. ashanti puts that dress to SHAME, ugh… tsk tsk
    cate blanchette is just too fabulous for words. she can wear a potato sack and still look fierce

  8. Wow cate wears anything perfectly. I think Balenciaga is right for her. the whole aesthetic is perfect for her. but omg, what has ashanti done?
    The shoes? and that belt? she just made balenciaga look like forever 21. im sorry.

  9. Jovrien

    The skinny model, of course! humans aren’t allowed to wear that frock. only models. not human. LOL

  10. i’m totally prepared to hate on ashanti wearing that dress.
    that dress was not meant to be worn by someone so “bubbly”. and by “bubbly” i mean simultaneously “bubbling personality” (ahem, look at the way it’s supposed to be worn: fierce) and “bubbling out of that dress”.
    high fashion is not meant for everybody.

  11. Wow! nice photos and nice blog by the way! You look fabulous on your photos darling! Nice day!

  12. Shiny material can make anyone look fat. On Ashanti, she just looked fatter! Now Cate… that’s one fab woman. Anything she wears is magnificent!

  13. Cate wore better, of course. I agree with you BB, this dress looks better on slim (to skinny) women. Ashanti also ruined the dress by putting on that hideous belt.

  14. Right again, BB! Cate definetley wore it best..though Natasha came in at a close second. The dress does NOT work for Ashanti..but hey, nobody can wear everything.


    And agree with the above comments about how her pale skin is totally harmonious with that electric blue!

  17. pardon me for saying this (referring to the people who keep bashing the not-quite-that-unfortunate-looking belt) but i don’t think you’d feel the same way if blanchett or poly wore the same ensemble, no?

  18. Much better than on Cate than Ashanti. Sorry, Ashanti. Not every style looks good on every person!

  19. I'm Sexy Damn-It

    Ashytty looks horrible.
    She is a talentless waste of skin and she should not have tried to squeeze her fat a*& into that dress.
    Cate looks fab

  20. Ashanti would look better in a curve enhancing Herve Leger bandage dress; Balenciaga is neither forgiving nor appropriate for all body types. And she added that hideous belt and cheap looking LV wedges! I like it on Cate, but she seems to stiff for it. Rhianna would have worn it well.

  21. Forget about the belt. The shoes! Ugh! What’s that brand Kardashian is endorsing? Ick. The way the hemline is ugly on her.
    Natasha. Period.

  22. OK… I seriously don’t think it’s the size of Ashanti’s body that is the problem– she is probably tiny in person– and just imagine how someone curvy like Monica Bellucci could have rocked this dress.
    It’s the styling I take serious issue with. Look, the belt was a MAJOR mistake- but the shoes are HORRIFYING. Did someone say they are LV???!!?? I swear she got them at the Fulton Mall in Brooklyn (wear they sell knock offs of the balenciaga Lego shoes for $17)..
    Not to mention… Why did she waist this dress on an appearence on 106 & Park?? WTFug???!!

  23. finding badu

    hahahaha. poor dress. i guess Ashanti wanted it so bad.

  24. omg! poor ashanti !! she look so dd in that dress poor gurl!! hey i love to read you ! come and read my blog and leave comments on post that u liked ! plus now you ‘re in my links!! kiss!!

  25. Skinny leg jeans do look good on curvy girls (curvy meaning actual curves. Not fat), just not girls with huge carves or saddlebag thighs.

  26. Love Cate, but Natasha ftw.
    In response to the person who said:
    If the dress was not meant to be worn in Ashanti’s size, then it would not have been produced in that size by Balenciaga.
    I honestly think that the dress looks stretched out. Look at the hem and the bust line. MAYBE she could have sized up and pulled it off, but we can only guess her size… there’s the possibility that the next size was unavailable too… so, bad choice on her end.

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