Bench Blackout 2008

Whew what a night. I just got back from the Bench underwear and denim show at Araneta Coliseum which happens every two years. I know y’all Americans have the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show featuring top-notch models… well, here in the third world we have celebrities (in addition to models) ‘modeling’ for mega-brand Bench. I know virtually nothing about the local scene and I thought this is the right time to immerse myself in, well, you know, local “culture”. Natch! Haha! In all seriousness however, other than the usual celebrity suspects, I really had no clue who is who and who is what because Filipino showbiz does NOT interest me at all and I don’t watch TV.

Photo: CVS

Anyhoo, it was a big, big, BIG, HUGE production and I swear, ALL the gays were there! My friend and I were joking that if some terrorist organization bombed the coliseum, there would be no gays left in the Philippines.

Here’s something for the memories. I was like…. HUWATTTT? LOL

Are you ready for more hilarity? Click click click for photos!

Check out the crowd!

John Galliano is dat chu?

Nothing to see here… moving along…

Yes my readers, his name is DING DONG. I shit you not!

Like most shows in the Philippines, it ain’t a show unless the imports were there.

Oh no they didn’t!

Lesley Mobo, designer of British label Jasmine de Milo, collaborated with Bench for an underwear line.

And for those of you celeb-watchers out there, here are several Filipino celebrities. All of them are household names. Big fish, small pond, 7107 islands.

To wrap things up, here’s something that completed my night and made me smile. The venerable fashion icon Diane Pernet was there in spirit.

I think I’d rather see Diane in a gorgeous corset by Mr. Pearl though.

I had a fun night. It was awesome. Now let’s go back to regular programming. I think I need to sterilize myself from all this Filipino celebrity overload. It’s too much and my head is spinning! LOL.

I love you all as always and congrats to Bench for a successful show.