You have got to be kidding me.

Written By bryanboy

You have got to be kidding me.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD? Another neighbor died earlier this morning. This is the THIRD death on our street this year. This time, it's the very old (and very sick) lady who lives in the house right in front of the house beside ours (the one who died from lung cancer).


  1. vishan

    they died of old age..
    your still HOT…..
    well must be a sign of somekind….huh
    AND dont start watching ” the happening” soon….
    take care

  2. omfg, is death really a normal thang at your area?? sound super scaryy..
    pray to god almighty right now bryan. your place looks quite haunted. hehehe =)

  3. Marcus

    dear, DON’T WORRY… it has ended…
    as the saying goes… IT ALWAYS COMES IN THREE…
    (and i believe this is true!)
    Lucky you, your household has been spared…

  4. 3rd bitch

    its the girl who killed herself, her spirit is still around feeling lonely. three could be what it takes to solve the number if it’s loneliness… but if it is pure evilness she might still be following and posessing and taking lives.
    its my sixth sense talking.

  5. Tommy Albert

    Time to move out. Saw a nice home for sale at Forbes for $5.5M. Let’s find 10 more people to room and share the cost and rock the shit of Forbes!

  6. Anonymous =]

    Death One: lady
    Death Two: man
    Death Three: lady
    OMG! Pattern! Death Four = man! You’re a man!

  7. is it TB??? Lung stuff… coffing blood?
    I just recently watched “The Black Cat” – Edgar Allen Poe… Movie
    based from the book “La Chat Noir”
    Brian T. (Dallas)
    PS: Did you receive my e-mail about Pharell doing the Bryanboy pose with his purple Hermes?

  8. Enrique

    You rock gurl. Fuck those inggiterras at Chikatime who are so bitter with you. LOL. In fairness of course.

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