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Written By bryanboy

Sushi USB

Speaking of sushi, check out this kitschy kitschy ya-ya da-da sushi USB flash drive I saw at Urban Outfitters the other day. For those of you out there looking for an eye-catching, portable storage space for files, dizz iz it!

Urban Outfitters Sale, USB Sushi

The USB sushi comes in two types — salmon roe and tuna. Aren't they
cute? My friend told me they look disgusting (this is coming from a
woman who spent a lot of her youth jetting back and forth to Japan) but
I love them!

There's a massive sale going on at Urban Outfitters so be sure to visit their site. Clothing and accessories aside, I personally like browsing their "Apartment" area because that's where all the kitschy gadgets are. Go!


  1. dunkelman

    You shouldn’t shop at or promote Urban Outfitters. The owner of that company is an anti-gay conservative nutjob.

  2. I checked those out on their website. Costs 50 bucks. Not worth it.

  3. It’s true Bryan! You shouldn’t advertise for Urban. They are one of the largest contributors to the Republican Party here in the US. Their funds go directly to some of the worst people in history . . . Jess Helms and a fold of people that would have you put in jail or banished for being the gay that you are.
    Don’t give them anything.

  4. Gracey

    these are a lot cheaper in Akihabara, Japan. saw them when i vacationed there.

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