Sabah Newspaper (Turkey)

Written By bryanboy

Sabah Newspaper (Turkey)

Yay! Aside from my recent press mentions in Women’s Wear Daily, Teen Vogue and the Dutch newspaper “Dag”, Sabah, one of Turkey’s popular newspapers, gave me a shout out today yesterday.If you can understand Turkish (I don’t), click here to read the article online.

Sabah newspaper, Turkey

They also interviewed me and it should come out next Saturday so to all my readers in Turkey (paging the Sabanci family), be sure to buy Sabah next week.

PS. Thanks Audrey in Singapore for sending me the Straits Times. You’re sweet!


  1. i am in paris and i’ll still buy it, shall i translate it for you?
    btw, saw cory kennedy on rue saint honoré in the evening, she was dead ugly.

  2. Turkish? Way cool. I also couldn’t help but notice when I got my August Teen Vogue at the store today, that the Marc Jacobs ad seems a bit Bryanboy inspired with the man purse and the layout that isn’t just a small picture with a white border, eh? …it seems that you are getting lots of press! Would have been cooler if he used you in the ad though. ;)
    Just discovered your faboo blog yesterday through Stylebubble. Soo glad I did!

  3. fithyhot

    who is the hot male model strutting on the catwalk below you. he doesn’t hold a candle to you of course but i wouldn’t mind waking up to that every morning…

  4. Eduardo

    Hi. I only passed to leave a message… I am of Brazil. Interesting its blog congratulations.
    Until more!
    P.S.: I don´t speak english very well, sorry. :)
    Passei só para deixar um recado… eu sou do Brasil. Interessante o seu blog, parabéns
    Até mais!
    P.S.: eu não falo o inglês muito bem, desculpa. :)

  5. advena

    ı read the newspaper, to see you on it, was a nice saturday suprise for me. i guess Sabah choosed one of the most original photos of yours. you’re so charismatic, there’s nobody else like you.
    love U!

  6. meral

    Yes I read you after read sabah..And surprised how couldn’t I find your blog before..nice to find you..U r so cute…XXXX

  7. Vicky

    there is an article in HK magazine talk about you as well! it call “milk”
    get ready to be famous! and it wl be worldwide!
    you are so charm!

  8. the male model is Sergio Lo Re – during Vivienne Westwood’s men’s show…..

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