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I just got home from a KERRR-AZYY day out (lots of major stories to tell!). There are dozens of cars outside our house… our next-door neighbour died three hours ago because of lung cancer.


RIP Tito Manny.

PS. Spare me from your anti-smoking hoo haa because I don't wanna hear it. I'm gonna stop! In fact, I've been using tar filters religiously ever since I discovered them three days ago.


  1. Is this the second neighbor you lost in less than a month? And earlier this year that was another neighbor who committed suicide right?
    Do you live along Wisteria Lane Bryan?
    But seriously, any loss is always sad so take care.

  2. James, we only lost 2 neighbours this year. First the woman who supposedly committed suicide who lived 2 houses down to the right and now Tito Manny who lives on the house beside us (to the left). He’s the one I wrote about a few weeks ago — that’s when we all found out he had cancer.
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