Proenza Schouler: Spring 2008 Sale

Written By bryanboy

Proenza Schouler: Spring 2008 Sale

It’s 4:30AM and I’m trolling around the Net-a-Porter website to see if there’s anything I can afford because my friend in NY just got my el cheapo Margielic t-shirts. Unless an oil sheik papi chulo lands on my lap (or should I say I land on some oil sheik papi chulo’s lap), I really should NOT be spending anything at all ALL right now because the Marc Jacobs BB bag is gonna be available in a few months but hey… just because I’m on a diet it doesn’t mean I can’t look at the menu. Anyhooo.

Proenza Schouler Spring 2008 Sale

I know Proenza Schouler is expen$$$ive but holy Lazaro batman! Check out the retail prices of these two Proenza tops. The sequined tank top used to be $2,250 while the waistcoat was $1,825. Both items are now on sale at 30% and 50% off respectively.

I’m all for high fashion but aren’t the prices totally absurd? Isn’t America going through a recession right now? I remember 9 or 10 years ago, you can get a gorgeous wool coat from Louis Vuitton for $800. Yes! Eight hundred bucks.

Me: Ang mahalia jackson ng proenza peste sila!
(translation: Proenza is so expensive!)
Mike: I know
Me: Check out the vest and look at the original price
Mike: Wow!
Ano yan, hand-made?
(translation: Is that hand-made?)
Mike: Maybe it’s lined with fur
Maybe it’s Made in Italy by Italians
Me: Maybe it’s Made in Italy by Italians and lined in Russian Sable
Mike: with an expensive marketing chuva
Me: What marketing? Does Proenza even have ads?
Mike: Vogue ads
Me: I bet you may cut diyan si Anna Wintour
(translation: I bet you Anna Wintour has a cut on all sales)

Oh well. That’s fashion for you.


  1. /sigh That’s inflation for you.
    Well, there are two things that come up when talking luxury goods.
    One is definitely inflation. everything is more expensive from a gallon of milk to a house.
    Another is the definite death of the middle class. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer all over the world. The top 10% that luxury brands are targeting generally have A LOT more to spend these days.
    The way to be rich is not to go to college and work for a good company, it doesn’t work for the most part. Wanna afford nice things, you gotta work for yourself.
    Seems your on the right track BB.

  2. You want a fat belly chubby Arab mullah with plenty of moola to buy you yummy yummies? You need to go to Dubai for holidays my lill B.Boy…haha….Trust me :oD

  3. “…just because I’m on a diet it doesn’t mean I can’t look at the menu.” Haha! Loveit. So true.

  4. Gerard

    YOU are sooo funny when you speak tagalog…it’s insane…anyway, they don’t look that expensive though…I mean they are Proenza, but when you think about how expensive they are…well…I don’t know…SPEAK MORE TAGALOG! hahha..just kidding

  5. The fabulous Nina Garcia, the former fashion director of Elle magazine, wore that vest when she had a cameo on Ugly Betty and looked gorgeous. To. die. for.

  6. xnoelle25

    i pretty much have a cuter version of the proenza gold top from arden b. and it was only $10 or $20 on sale. that style has been everywhere for the longest time. there’s no point in buying such a used style for so much. the vest though, i don’t know, it’s different and unique– a plus.

  7. i love when whip up some 3rd world gay lingo! it’s freakin’fanta-bulous and fun! makes you more ‘human-esque’ that we can all relate here, than the iridescent ethereal web goddess that you often are. =p
    hmmmm…i don’t care much about schouler. sure he dresses ’em demi moore and what not. but hey, he’s no prada or donatella-tranny-Versace! why the over-the-top price? it could like, feed a village here already! harharhar
    enuhi, snaps for the lingo, keep it cominnn! :D

  8. arabella

    oh gosh!
    i have that gold sparkly thing in my closet. its not Proenza Schouler.. its People are People. haha! looks kinda the same.
    anyway. i love you bb!! :D

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