Please bear with me…

Written By bryanboy

Please bear with me…

Please bear with me over the next few days as I make some changes throughout my site. Flickr is being a bitch and Typepad is just awful. Don't be surprised if some of the images on my blog aren't working.

If you know of an EXPERT out there who is EXPERIENCED in migrating Typepad blogs into WordPress please let me know. It's about time I do the switch. I'm fed up of the service. I have 1,968 blog entries and 23,370 comments. I can't do it all on my own. I would rather hire an expert to do it for me because I want to keep my permalink URLs intact, etc etc etc.

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  1. I’d be cautious of WordPress (I assume you mean self-hosted; don’t go NEAR, if I were you; it’s quite difficult to set up for popular blogs, and it’s constantly having security issues.
    You might want to take a look at MovableType (quite similar to TypePad, but self-hosted).

  2. Hi Bryanboy..
    I just wanted to say that I began reading your blog a while ago, and I was honestly thinking – wow. Princess or what? This guy needs a reality check.
    BUT – the more I read (and I read every day!), the more I love your work, and I love the passion with which you write, and I so look forward to your posts. So keep it up, this is fast becoming one of my favourite blogs, and you’re quite obviously a pretty fantastic person.
    Much love from Perth, Australia <3 xx <3 xx

  3. Hey Bryanboy… I rarely leave comments here, but I do check your updates.
    I use wordpress. (But I recently converted to photo blogging) – For employment reasons… There is an apparent danger for flight attendants who blog. You have to be careful with what you write etc… So photoblogging is a more creative and safer option for me.
    I use wordpress for about, 3 years now? It’s a great site, very functional and easy to use. On the self-hosted part… Be careful with bandwidth over loading. WORDPRESS is the best, but beware of overloading. But I’m sure you are pretty well set up?
    the good thing about wp is that it’s free… No hidden costs either, just pay for your own hosting.
    You may want to check out – wordpress hosting.
    EG: BRYANBOY.WORDPRESS.COM similar to BRYANBOY.TYPEPAD.COM , only you don’t have to pay any dollars. Also, the greatest aspect of being hosted for free on WP is that you can get more community support, being as WP free hosting is all community posted, if your blog is well known… You will get MORE and more readers. (The wp editors will write about you in the front page if your popular, which is great.)
    Design wise… It’s a little limited, but your blog is more about blogging, rather than pretty layouts. THOUGH, for your blog I suggest that you use the k2 theme in wp… As it is wide, and perfect for your type of blogging. OR: The double sidebar layouts.
    To transfer your files you need to download the archive file. then when you make your wp membership go to: IMPORT. Then upload the file. it might take a few hours to upload, but its worth the time.
    BEFORE you delete your typepad, figure out how to get the archive file. Once you get it, your backed up and ready to start wp. And also, if you come across any problems, you will still have the archive file… So if you do sissy out and run back to TP you can STILL have all your entries.
    Hope that was of some help!
    – Free wp accounts make it more difficult to host adds… And since your such a gold digging bitch from hell you might not like that. Tehehehe. They disable the use of add codes.
    THOUGH: Self hosting enables you to do adds if you want to. – Self hosting is the same process as I explained above. You will still need the archives file. if you have any questions just email me and I’ll see what I can do. It’s not rocket science, ya know?

  4. Erin — thank you so much for the kind words!
    Robert & Dakita — of course I’m not moving to I’m planning to do self-hosted with the possibility on my own dedicated server. :-)

  5. joshua

    hey BB! love your work, ii know nothing bout bloging but i just wanted to ask where your shirt in that pic is from? is that VB on it??
    j xx

  6. I have that tee myself, it’s so cool and all the queens love me, haha. That’s one of the things that are so amazing about Marc Jacobs. In the boutiques ou can get a tee for 20 pounds and then next to it there is a dress for 2000. I ♥ Marc. And of course you, BryanBoy!

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