Pierre Hardy Limited Edition Metallic High Tops

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I’m supposed to come back to Theodore’s later this evening to buy these gold Common Projects mid-top shoes (I still need to come back there anyway because I left my weekend shopping there cause I was in a hurry last weekend). Lo and behold these limited edition Pierre Hardy metallic high top sneakers came up at Barneys.


Common Projects Gold Metallic sneakers

These are the gold Common Projects (about $400… I know.. that’s third world prices for you) I’m gonna get. They sorta remind me of my old gold Fendi sneakers…

Common Projects Gold Metallic sneakers

versus Pierre Hardy ($485)

Pierre Hardy Metallic High Top sneakers

OMG THIS IS KILLING ME!!!! I bought so much shit the past week my finances are already going through a beating. I could only buy 1 pair of shoes NOW because I’m on the waiting list for a pair of Lanvins… and then there’s all these sales going on plus… I’m also going to a secret location because some of my air miles are expiring and I need to redeem them BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH… I’m also supposed to go to ANOTHER secret location (I need to get laid… all the cocks in this shit hole are small!!) and last but not the least, there’s the Marc Jacobs BB bag I need to worry about. FUCK!

The question is… Common Projects or Pierre Hardy? I have a feeling this is gonna be one of those GET BOTH things. UGH!!!!! In any case, I’ve set the Pierre Hardy @ Barneys page as my home page (I’m not even gonna bother linking the page here) and you FASHION FAGGOTS better not get size 8 or else I will kill you. That’s what sucks about Barneys. All the faggots with small feet buy all the cool shoes FIRST.

Yes I’m talking to all them queens who are tanning their arses in Fire Island as I’m typing this. You know who you are. *wink*