Marc Jacobs BB Bag

To be quite honest with you, I’ve been hesitant to blog about this bag because I want to let it linger for a while and enjoy the heart-warming feeling while it lasts. Unfortunately, in the wonderful wicked world of fashion, everything new becomes old faster than the speed of light. Today’s news will be tomorrow’s dog poo scooper and as one hater succinctly put it, my precious bag will somewhat fade into obscurity faster than what I think. But whatevs. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Marc Jacobs BB Bag

(Yes I wore pyjamas to the club.)

Now. Who wants to see BB bag pics? Click click click!

As most of you already know, MJ sent the BB bag last week. I’m truly truly truly honored!

Here’s what’s inside the massive box…

Marc Jacobs BB Bag

It’s the Marc Jacobs BB Bag in ostrich leather!

Marc told me the bag isn’t “perfect” as it is the prototype bag he used for the show. He sent it to me because he thought it was special. I shed a lot of tears… I don’t know about you but it’s perfect. Hell it’s beyond perfect. There are simply no words!

Marc Jacobs BB Bag

Yes my dear readers, this is THE original bag the wonderful MJ team designed before it went to production.

Marc Jacobs BB Ostrich bag

The same exact bag Ekat Kiseleva held when she sashayed down the Marc Jacobs Collection fall/winter 2008 show in New York earlier this year.

Ekat Kiseleva, Marc Jacobs BB Bag

The bag is made out of exotic ostrich leather. In my experience, ostrich leather is usually treated to be stiff and sturdy but the prototype that I have is soo supple and soo super buttery soft. In a nutshell, it’s soo luxurious! It’s also fragile too so I can’t use it often.

Anxious and excited, I took the bag out for a spin over the weekend.

Everyone in the club are in their usual outfits and it’s funny how I’m in my pyjamas.