Mail Call!

MARC my words when I say chica people use DHL.

DHL Singapore

Click click click!

I bet you were thinking that DHL packet came from Marc Jacobs.

DHL Singapore

Hah. I wish!

The generous Brian from Singapore read my plea so he sent me a copy of the Singapore Straits Times newspaper where I was named as one of Asia’s blog stars.

Singapore Straits Times

Philippines represent! I think everyone will agree with them on this one, yes? Go me! Yay me! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Brian!

In other news… lookie lookie at my latest addition to my collection.

This is Jessica from Canada! She’s soo pretty, no?

Here’s Princess Edgar from Montclair, New Friggin Jersey (who visited her friend in Massachusetts) holding a sign and werking the pose…

Darwin and his friend are from Canada…

From Latin America, Oswald from Mexico sent me this lovely, lovely note. I’m touched!


Now… let’s cross the Atlantic. This is James from the UK.

And going south… from the land down undah, it’s Kara from Perth who is so chica!

I’m gonna go through my emails and post moar in a bit.

As always, y’all know where to send photos. Email! I wanna hear it from the girls but everyone is welcome. =) I just don’t want people thinking only gays read my site (which we all know ain’t true haha). And please… no naked pictures! I’ve received quite a number of errrm, uhh, let’s just say sexually explicit photos and as much as I want to post them here I can’t… I have young children reading my site!

I love you all!

PS. YES I know. How can I not when I have 800 people emailing me the same thing? *chuckles* Pharrell is on the cover of Paper Magazine and YES he’s also werrkin my pose with his oversized Hermes bag.

That’s all!