Lanvin High Tops Part Deux

Is the universe conspiring against me? Now that my Pierre Hardy High Tops are already in a plane somewhere, then comes these gorgeous Lanvin High Tops at Aloha Rag.

Lanvin High Top Sneakers
Lanvin High Top Sneakers

Lanvin High Top Sneakers
US$665 + tax/shipping each @ Aloha Rag
Photo via Aloha Rag

As human beings, we often face critical situations in life where we need to make a choice. Shoes or plane tickets? Dark gray or light gray? I can’t spend plane ticket money on yet another pair of shoes.

But deep down inside my heart is aching for LANVIN. Yep. My soul is screaming for LANVIN. LANVIN LOVE. LOVE THE LANVIN. LOVINGLY LANVIN.

Olga Sherer, Lanvin Fall/Winter 2008
The gorgeous and fierce Olga Sherer @ Lanvin Fall/Winter 2008.

Photo via TFS.

My heart says go but my mastercard says no! Funny how I’m having visions of my shrink telling me I cannot replace good cock with expensive shoes. BUT SHOES LAST FOR MONTHS! It’s a good thing I wasn’t born female. Can you imagine being a woman constantly lusting over the latest pair of Balenciagas or Pierre Hardys? I honestly don’t know how you femmes deal with it.

I need to stop this shoe obsession PRONTO. Stop. Stop and make it go away! No, seriously, I do need to stop.

Who wants sushi?