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I KNEW IT! I KNEW there’s a mini-me floating around there somewhere. In a weird twist of fate, look who I bumped into yesterday afternoon. It’s my mini-me!

Bryanboy mini-me
Photo: Chuvaness

I have no idea who that is or whose child that was but how strange was that? It’s funny because when I was in the car to go to this event, my friend called me to ask what I was wearing so I told her I’m wearing camo. So is she! And now this… three is a trend indeed. Who knew my mini-me would wear camo too? Odd. Soo odd!


  1. omg! you guys look so cute! i like your fashion sense! wish i could take your pictures for fashion photography! =)

  2. justine

    This is the cutest thing I’ll see all day long. NOTHING can top it.

  3. Such a cute pic! You guys just look so stylish posing together!
    you will probably inspire him in his fashion choices as he grows up! thumbs up!

  4. Wow, your mini-me knows how to work the camera! Very nice indeed!

  5. Kyrke

    Nooo! Those tacky j.i.joe trousers! seriously mate you should get rid of the pictures..

  6. bored hedonist

    Hey there. Can you id the bag you’re using in this shot? Thanks.

  7. aling lydia

    hala! im wearing a camo vest as i am reading this! great job BB! Trend Spotted! chos!

  8. CHiLD

    OH~~ The boy is hardsome then you very much !
    You are so ugly !

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