How do you say thank you in 200 languages?

Written By bryanboy

How do you say ‘thank you’ in the language of fashion?

It’s 2:44AM and I couldn’t sleep. I’m just curious — and this is a completely hypothetical question btw so don’t make any assumptions — don’t jinx it. What would you get

Vivienne Westwood
if she sent you a wedding gown worth US$22,760? I mean, a thank you note simply won’t suffice…

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City Movie, Vivienne Westwood Note

I don’t know about you but Carrie friggin Bradshaw better frame that note.


  1. gobsmackd

    Well, do a deal with Hallo mag to make sure a photo of you in the frock is plastered right around the globe. I am sure even Auntie Viv will be happy with that! That’ll up her perfume and bag sales so she’ll then design another ensemble for moi!

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