Gucci Spring/Summer 2009

Thanks to Frida Giannini's latest menswear collection for the House of Gucci, my (long gone) youth literally just flashed right in front of my eyes.

Gucci Spring/Summer 2009

It's like Lisa Frank all over again! Remember the days of Lisa Frank?

Lisa Frank Stickers

Back in the good ol' dark ages, we didn't have cellphones, ipods, myspace, facebook, Miley "HALE NO" Cyrus and Zac Efron. But we did have Lisa Frank + Sweet Valley Kids/Twins/High/University/Magna/Slambook +
Teen Beat/Tiger Beat/Bop/YM + Clueless + Brad Renfro (who, btw, started my sexual awakening) + J Motherfriggin
TT + Andrew Keegan and of course, Larisa Oleynik.

I have one thing to say. Clueless >>>>>>>>> Mean Girls. Ok fine I have to stop. My true age is starting to show.