Completely Hypothetical

Written By bryanboy

Completely Hypothetical

Let’s say your house burnt down or you got kicked out of the house and you had to start your wardrobe from SCRATCH on a limited budget of, oh I dunno, US$10,000 (example). Ideally, what would you go for?

empty wardrobe

a) strictly high/fine fashion
* if you choose this option, you’ll get to wear the finest labels your budget allows you to. Quality over quantity.


b) strictly fast fashion
* if you choose this option, you’re strictly limited to the H&Ms, Zaras, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and the Topshops of the world… and you’re not allowed to buy anything ‘designer’. Quantity over quality.

Keep in mind you’re NOT allowed to mix and match.You can’t spend $3,000 on a chanel bag and live on $20 tops and $100 jeans. If you vote for option A, it’s obvious that you won’t have a lot of pieces versus option B ($500 pair of Pierre Hardy shoes or 5 pairs of Zara) and you’re gonna have to use your pieces over and over again.

I’m just curious, that’s all.


Two years ago I remember visiting a friend’s apartment. When I saw her closet I have to admit I was shocked. It was the size of a shoebox. It was that tiny! She didn’t have a lot of shit (I wasn’t expecting Kimmora Lee proportions promise!!!) but the way she dresses and rotates between her clothes you’d think she has a lot! Also, I noticed that she edits her wardrobe really well.

I am so jealous. Really jealous actually. In fact, it took two years for me to admit I AM JEALOUS. At that time I was secretly laughing inside “haha I have more shit than you bitch” and now I wanna take it all back. Trust me, I don’t get it either. I have amassed all this shit over the years and they’re all gathering dust and mold in my closet (because I have problems letting go) whereas my friend wears something a few times before selling it on eBay. She has this silly rule of thumb that she won’t wear ‘fast fashion’ and unless it’s a ‘special’ piece, she’ll sell whatever on eBay if she doesn’t wear something for a month. Which makes perfect sense, don’t you think? Afterall, clothes and accessories are meant to be worn.

Oh I dunno. I’m just tired of looking at all the useless crap around me I just want to start from scratch.


  1. great post – i love hypotheticals. i parted with three massive bags of useless clothes last week, cannot describe how good that felt. almost as good as buying the new things that i suddenly had space for…

  2. vishan

    i would go for strictly fast fashion..
    1. have a lot of pieces to mix and match ( even though everyone is wearing a piece you have, but still manages to look different in some sense)
    2. saving money…. ( u never know when another i.t bag or shoes might come, so the saved money is needed )
    3. i dont know…..
    still second seems more stable if your really in need to save or some sorts. :)

  3. I’ll choose option A. I think they call it “investment fashion” but I’m not sure. What I do know for sure is that it feels so good not to have clutter.
    I love this article.

  4. theother

    Fix the mug should be an option, since, you could wear the most expensive but still look like one of my nightmares, so… fix the mug, please, at least the nose.

  5. Anonymous

    I would choose B because Topshop/Zara/F21 isn’t so bad! I kinda like their clothes. And besides, their clothes are similar to the high-end brands, is it not? Fashion is a world where high-street brands copy high-end brands.

  6. crinkleton

    fast fashion for men lasts for 5 years. ok 3 years. Because as years pass by, fashion trends get more and more fast that what you have to wear is the next season’s wardrobe to stay ahead and not look like anybody else. Women’s last for 6 months to one year. It’s just how you deal with how to dress yourself i guess.

  7. Actually, that’s exactly what I’m doing with my closet right now. I have so much junk that’s just amassed over the years – years and years of fashion mistakes like that one time when I was going for the F.O.B. look and everything I owned was either pink or had an intense amount of ruffles, bows, and frills on them? Besides, it’s so much easier to figure out what to wear in the morning when you only have a limited amount of clothing. The secret is having an unlimited amount of accessories. :)

  8. Ideally, I would mix and match, buying only the key pieces from labels, and yes, it would be a chanel flap bag. :)
    My built in robes are packed with clothes, there’s no space between each hanger, which is what I would like. Just years of accumulation. My resolution this year is to donate most of my clothes to the salvation army and start over with investment buys. Only cashmere or merino wool jumpers, only current jeans (I have 5 yr old diesel jeans which look sooooo dated, plus, I haven’t worn them in like 3 yrs).
    I want to declutter my life and I’m going to start with my wardrobe.

  9. lolzzz bb as if U can give up ur high fashion…ahaha, and it is as if u need to worry about money lolzz… i would pick both the options… designer jeans, 20$ tees, thats wat i would do.. a pair of good jean says it all…. ppl hu knows fashion would now wat ure wearing.. thats my thought…

  10. WOW!
    Great post question!
    We’d definitely have to say high fashion. We’d be all about the investment shopping. We wouldn’t go for the trendy pieces but for items that would last a long time.
    First we’d attack the wardrobe staples and them throw in some other fun trend resistant items.
    Well made clothes last longer and age better. OK…true…this isn’t the case for all high fashion. so we’d be very selective in what we’d choose.
    And BTW, you said nothing of sales, and since we’re in NY we’d be all about the sample sales and discounts.
    NEVER PAY FULL RETAIL…if at all possible!!!
    (If we didn’t live in NY we’d take part of the 10 G’s for a plane ticket to NY!)

  11. eBay is seriously a god send. I always revisit my wardrobe, ditch pieces I don’t wear (usually impulse buys), and buy new pieces. I usually find that clothes from good designers in primary colors are definite staples to live by.

  12. Neither.
    I’ll be quite happy living in towels and one skirt/dress once I retire next March.
    Viva freedom!
    Viva teeny tiny closets.

  13. IMO, just keep doing what u do.. you’ll have so much stuff and in the future, you get to look at those expensive stuff you’ve had for many years and remember the old good times…haha.

  14. although i chose strictly designer because i know looking at that one piece is enough to make me smile, how dare you include forever 21 in the mix??? forever 21 is on another level of yuck. zara is okay. h&m i may pick up a hair pin or two. topshop has cute things (i must admit, i like the kate moss stuff). but forever 21 is garbage.

  15. vintage vintage vintage! designer quality at half the price, plus styles that never go out of vogue! problem solved.

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