Completely Hypothetical

Let’s say your house burnt down or you got kicked out of the house and you had to start your wardrobe from SCRATCH on a limited budget of, oh I dunno, US$10,000 (example). Ideally, what would you go for?

empty wardrobe

a) strictly high/fine fashion
* if you choose this option, you’ll get to wear the finest labels your budget allows you to. Quality over quantity.


b) strictly fast fashion
* if you choose this option, you’re strictly limited to the H&Ms, Zaras, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and the Topshops of the world… and you’re not allowed to buy anything ‘designer’. Quantity over quality.

Keep in mind you’re NOT allowed to mix and match.You can’t spend $3,000 on a chanel bag and live on $20 tops and $100 jeans. If you vote for option A, it’s obvious that you won’t have a lot of pieces versus option B ($500 pair of Pierre Hardy shoes or 5 pairs of Zara) and you’re gonna have to use your pieces over and over again.

I’m just curious, that’s all.


Two years ago I remember visiting a friend’s apartment. When I saw her closet I have to admit I was shocked. It was the size of a shoebox. It was that tiny! She didn’t have a lot of shit (I wasn’t expecting Kimmora Lee proportions promise!!!) but the way she dresses and rotates between her clothes you’d think she has a lot! Also, I noticed that she edits her wardrobe really well.

I am so jealous. Really jealous actually. In fact, it took two years for me to admit I AM JEALOUS. At that time I was secretly laughing inside “haha I have more shit than you bitch” and now I wanna take it all back. Trust me, I don’t get it either. I have amassed all this shit over the years and they’re all gathering dust and mold in my closet (because I have problems letting go) whereas my friend wears something a few times before selling it on eBay. She has this silly rule of thumb that she won’t wear ‘fast fashion’ and unless it’s a ‘special’ piece, she’ll sell whatever on eBay if she doesn’t wear something for a month. Which makes perfect sense, don’t you think? Afterall, clothes and accessories are meant to be worn.

Oh I dunno. I’m just tired of looking at all the useless crap around me I just want to start from scratch.