Cole Mohr for Marc by Marc Jacobs Part 2

Written By bryanboy

Cole Mohr for Marc by Marc Jacobs Part Deux

Best ad ever! Again… it's soo me!!!!!!! This is the shit we live for, y'all!

Cole Mohr, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Now where's the upskirt? LOL ;-)

I see what you guys did there.

God I love Marc.


    You’re a tickety-tack tranny hot mess, outta control super-tranny from Transylvania who is not apologizing for it!
    YOU BETTA WERK! I love it! Marc had you in mind definitely. The bag, this dress, the trannyness!

  2. Bryan Boy, love you. Have to ask, the girl in the pic with you, where did she get her shoes?? I am loving them something fierce!!!

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