I need your help.

It’s not often that I call for the collective powers of my readers but I am in desperate need of your help. Watch this video of the Spring/Summer 2003 Christian Dior show. Fast forward to 6:50 and listen to the track “Controversy” by Prince. I NEED that remix. I MUST have it. This is a life and death situation we’re talking about here. I’ve spent 8 hours today trying to find it online to no avail. I think the remix is by Felix Da Housecat but I don’t know. It’s definitely not the original track, that’s for sure. Please, for the sake of my sanity, help me get a copy of this track.

Check out the model on 7:00. That is HOW you do FIERCE. Also, Jacquetta Wheeler should fucking get an award for being able to walk in those heels in spite of the chain dangling from her shoe. Has it really been five or six years since that show? Time surely flies fast these days.

Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2003

I swear to god, watching old Dior shows on YouTube give me the chills every time. Every bloody time! That’s why John Galliano has a special place in my heart. Growing up as a teenager, John was the be-all and end-all of fashion. NOBODY else mattered to me AT THAT TIME. Well, it was John and Tom Ford for Gucci LOL. I’d religiously buy fashion magazines just to see what the two of them were up to. Yes I had the eskimo boots from the Fall 2002 collection where Gisele came out with the woolly centurion hat. Yes I had the saddle bags, the monogram jacquards, and yes, even those rasta bags. Even those tops from 2001 I shared to you earlier this year. It was full-on, hardcore, logo a gogo fashion victim mania but hell I had fun. Those were the years when I would save literally EVERY penny I had (and then some) just to be able to buy those damned “J’ADORE DIOR” sleeveless tops in every imaginable color combination and fabric because that’s all my victimy self could afford. When Dior announced last year how they are turning their backs to the very same crowd that kept them afloat over the years (the young, the bold and the restless), naturally I felt sad – that’s my childhood right there! No wonder all of the recent Dior collections are too sophisticated and too mature. Other than Carla Sarkozy, who else is wearing Dior?

The good news is… the things I like and what tickles my fancy have definitely changed over the years. I appreciate the work of more and more designers.

Enough babble. Will someone please find me the song, for old times’ sake? Thank you.