Written By bryanboy


And I’m only saying that because:

1) I’m totally jeliz. He’s fierce and ferosh to the highest levels.
2) I love him but I’m also seething with anger right now. Jalousie Magazine is dat chu?
3) I hate him so much I wanna suffocate him using a tyvek bag and steal that Balenciaga and the hamburger bag.


  1. hahaha BB i just commented on this photo on face hunters blog and how well this man pulls it off. I totally was distracted by the beautiful balenciaga that i missed the lush lush lussshhh hamburger bag. So cute, it reminds me of the Jeremy Scott Fast Food collection. That same Balenciaga jacket features on my blog this morning :) check it! Much love, Kara xo

  2. william

    I’ve seen pics of this guy at several men’s fashion weeks by Scott Schuman. It looks relatively normal but I think something like that on a guy requires a very linear silhouette, a cuff or two to add weight to the arms, and as for novelty clutches, Judith Leiber is the only way to go. Well, that’s how I would wear it – if I was ever filthy rich enough to afford an extremely feminine $4,000 jacket.

  3. Gen Sven

    HAHAH! Become besties already! You guys would make the cutest best friends ever!

  4. i just commented on facehunter too. i LOVE what he’s wearing. i wonder if that hamburger bag is by undercover. it must be. i saw something similar a little while ago. but the balenciaga top!!! i can never afford it but he’s soooooo coooooool for pulling it off!!! i’m so in love with him.

  5. sonam_mcrgurl

    oh my god!! is that a balenciaga dress he cut up to make that top??? it looks just like the dress that was on balenciaga campaigns-with that actress jenifer something.

  6. yar but what if I said you guys were the same on the ferosh and fierceness level? I mean c’mon, blogging superstar?? hello??
    Can’t even believe he had the guts to cut up that dress. Or the bucks, for that matter. I think it looks better as a shirt.

  7. Observatorator

    I therefore conclude that high fashion is OWNING the look no matter how fuggles it is.
    BB, he got nothing on you…

  8. Hannah

    it’s not a dress, actually. i’ve seen it at browns; it comes as he wears it =D

  9. If he can pull “Balenciaga top” off, go for it. I saw the jacket in person and it’s amazing !!!

  10. badbad

    He looks disgusting, I pity women who spent money on that top and are now confronted with this mental image

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