Belgium or Philippines?

Written By bryanboy

Belgium or Philippines?

Sonny, who is in Belgium, took these cute (warning: very graphic) images of a cow giving birth via cesarean. But in good ol' BB  tradition however, why bother looking at the cows when you can check out Belgian (?? not sure anymore especially with the eastern bloc) farmers?

Belgian Farmer

In the Philippines, we have this.

Filipino Farmer Philippines Carabao

Meanwhile, are you thinking what I'm thinking Nicole Richie?

Nicole Richie with her hand up a cow's ass, The Simple Life 1

That's all!


  1. Haha! You’re really funny!
    I’d pick the belgian, he’s such a hottie.. Si manong naman, eh, i’ll just leave him alone with the kalabaw.. Haha..
    I love yah Bryanboy!

  2. OMG
    never seen cesarean procedure before
    and my first time ever is done on a calf
    and OMG
    she is fisting the cow
    you made my night

  3. We are a proud people the belgians… With our Dries van Noten and sexy farmers…

  4. Gen Sven

    “I’d pick the belgian, he’s such a hottie.. Si manong naman, eh, i’ll just leave him alone with the kalabaw.”
    i totally agree with Janka!
    Si manong kay manang nalang.
    Mas guapo pa si Belgian Man!

  5. OH MY GOD!!! Its the BB Bag! :-) Bryan, the belgian guy loooves you. hahaha.

  6. Oh my gosh!!! Its the BB Bag!!! :-) the belgian guy looooves you!

  7. can i just ask, what is the purpose of this blog entry? why do you feel the need to call out the philippines the way you do? i do think its nice that you own up to your nationality, but why do i feel like sometimes (if not most often) you always subtly diss your homeland. self-hatred perhaps?

  8. Geography F(r)iend

    Belgium is NOT an Eastern bloc country. And yes, the demonym IS Belgian. Thanks.

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