Andre Leon Talley Shows You How It's Done.

Written By bryanboy

Andre Leon Talley Shows You How It’s Done.

Andre Leon Talley lookin oh so glamoxuriously outrageous at the 2008 CFDA Fashion Awards.

Andre Leon Talley, 2008 CFDA Fashion Awards

No means no. (Sorry P, I love you and all but no.)

Perez Hilton wearing a Hello Kitty shower cap at 2008 Brits Awards

That’s all. Mwah mwah!


  1. Do you think Andre’s look, with the turban, is an ode to the current India thing going on over at Hermes. Because, I would put money on that coat being Hermes. And those shoes are the new Manolo Blahniks for men, right? Anyway, love the look! He knows how to work it. Go, girl.

  2. Why is he wearing that GROSS cap everywhere? Methinks bleaching/hair dye DISASTER! uhoh

  3. mchood

    if you were attending this CFDA shindig,what would you wear?
    a.andrew leon talley’s turban-like hat with that silver crap,which i really dunno what is…
    b.perez hilton’s hello kitty shower cap which i think should retire by now…defintely not kawaii…
    c. sarah jessica parker’s flora and fauna green hat which boasts of pesky butterflies and mosquitoes,and dead rabbits,and corpses.whatever.who knows what’s in her head, i mean hat.
    your pick….

  4. Hot freaking mess. Oh Andre… you look like someones grandmother going to a PTA meeting.

  5. Craig from New Zealand

    Perez looks like Jason Davis in bad drag.
    Daddy Andre looks FIERCE as usual!

  6. UGH! mister andre needs to lay off the high fashion look because frankly he looks like a bag of cheap imitation stuff sold on new york city streets. TACKETY-TACK-TACK.
    miss p looked like s/he took a shower in her/his grandmother's closet.

  7. Forget about the outfit, look at the facial expression.
    Naomi’s hair looks gorgeous.

  8. Fauzi

    eh eh, Perez looks unglamourous.
    You shoiuld be there eh, bryan?

  9. Nadir Tejani

    They certainly match each other (Naomi and Andre, that is), and Naomi looks absolutely fantastic. I’m just afraid I dislike Andre’s shoes.

  10. yeah, Andre’s croc overcoat looks like Hermes. looks really expensive but… um, doesn’t look good on him.

  11. ALT looks a hot faboo mess, and so do Naomi’s pants!
    Why even address Perez? LoL. Keep it moving…

  12. wadafuck was that!?!?!!? he looks like a homeless heroine fuck!

  13. bernice vergara

    WTF?is this a pic of a junkie FAG who just got out of the shower and crashed at the 2008 CFDA Fashion Awards?
    WTF is HAppening to the they have a fixation ova aladin and the magic lamp and got a bad coping mechanism???
    Help them bryan helpppp…them:P(like the voice of julia R. at america’s sweethearts)
    this is just tragic:(lol

  14. naomi’s landsliding here in europe (kebede, vodianova and likes are taking charge now, thank God!) and no andre leon talley could ever work to bring her glory back… not when fashion turns into trash the CFDA fashion awards day! with those hideous shoes.. (uhh..yeah.. even Blahnik can fail sometimes)
    and a hello kitty shower cap?? something is just wrong ’bout fashionworld lately!
    where have all the glitz and genuine glamour gone??

  15. Notfashionablebut thankful

    Fashion people seem to think they can get away with anything, just because they’re in the fashion biz. ALT shows its not true. Wow, and he bought designer stuff to achieve that look? You could scrounge through Divisoria for the exact same effect!

  16. Its the same coat Denzel Washington in “American Gangster” !!!!!!(boxeo)

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