A Moment of Marc Magic

Hello, lover!

There are times when I cannot help but wonder how FICTIONAL my life is. Looking back, I’ve had god knows how many moments and memories that are TOO GOOD (or perhaps too bad, too ker-aaazy, too this and that, too something something) TO BE TRUE. 

Marc Jacobs notecard
It’s personal.

But nothing beats this once-in-a-lifetime (i hope not!!) moment I’m about to share to you all. It’s been twelve hours and I’m still crying my face off. I’m literally on cloud nine! This is what tru fashin dedicashin dreams are made of.

Are you ready? Click click click!

Click the play button to listen to this track. Ignore the video though.

Awww Daisy and Alfred!!!!!

Marc Jacobs, Daisy and Alfred


A ginormous box from Marc Jacobs arrived via DHL around lunchtime.

Marc Jacobs box sent to Bryanboy via DHL

It’s soo huge I could fit three of me inside!

Marc Jacobs, Bryanboy, BB bag

I have no idea what’s inside the box…

Marc Jacobs, Bryanboy

Do you think it’s my dream?

Marc Jacobs box

I often dream for the outrageous and the impossible. My friends and family always tell me to stop doing it because they think it’s absurd and ridiculous.

However… in my humble opinion, a lot of things in life starts with a dream no matter how simple or how grandiose it is.

And to some, dreams are all they have…

to make life a little more colourful and worth living.

Many of us have dreams…but how many choose to live their dream and try to make it their reality?

Because when a dream goes into fruition…

(Sorry guys… as much as I want to pull a Carrie + Vivienne moment I can’t… it’s personal.)

The feeling is…


all I could say is…

(it’s not just the ostrich bag Marc christened the “BB” but the ENTIRE style!!! MORE COLOURS AND MORE LEATHERS FOR ALL!)

it’s magical!

Thank you so much Marc for being part of my dream, my reality and my life.

With much love and gratitude,