A Moment of Marc Magic

Written By bryanboy

A Moment of Marc Magic

Hello, lover!

There are times when I cannot help but wonder how FICTIONAL my life is. Looking back, I’ve had god knows how many moments and memories that are TOO GOOD (or perhaps too bad, too ker-aaazy, too this and that, too something something) TO BE TRUE. 

Marc Jacobs notecard
It’s personal.

But nothing beats this once-in-a-lifetime (i hope not!!) moment I’m about to share to you all. It’s been twelve hours and I’m still crying my face off. I’m literally on cloud nine! This is what tru fashin dedicashin dreams are made of.

Are you ready? Click click click!

Click the play button to listen to this track. Ignore the video though.

Awww Daisy and Alfred!!!!!

Marc Jacobs, Daisy and Alfred


A ginormous box from Marc Jacobs arrived via DHL around lunchtime.

Marc Jacobs box sent to Bryanboy via DHL

It’s soo huge I could fit three of me inside!

Marc Jacobs, Bryanboy, BB bag

I have no idea what’s inside the box…

Marc Jacobs, Bryanboy

Do you think it’s my dream?

Marc Jacobs box

I often dream for the outrageous and the impossible. My friends and family always tell me to stop doing it because they think it’s absurd and ridiculous.

However… in my humble opinion, a lot of things in life starts with a dream no matter how simple or how grandiose it is.

And to some, dreams are all they have…

to make life a little more colourful and worth living.

Many of us have dreams…but how many choose to live their dream and try to make it their reality?

Because when a dream goes into fruition…

(Sorry guys… as much as I want to pull a Carrie + Vivienne moment I can’t… it’s personal.)

The feeling is…


all I could say is…

(it’s not just the ostrich bag Marc christened the “BB” but the ENTIRE style!!! MORE COLOURS AND MORE LEATHERS FOR ALL!)

it’s magical!

Thank you so much Marc for being part of my dream, my reality and my life.

With much love and gratitude,



  1. aling lydia

    grabe I thought mamamatay ako sa atake sa puso nung nag scroll down ako! grabe… huff puff, regain composure… I know screams will be heard till the far reaches of this planet when this news is plastered all over. Standing ovation for you BB… I’m very very very happy, for you and all BB fans out there!!! BB’s triumph is our triumph! (good thing u didnt show what ur bag looks like, element of surprise? chos! save it for the faggotry in motionz!!!!)Loved u even before the camel and Malu Fernandez… Lol.

  2. I’ve never responded to anything I’ve read in all the blogs I’ve seen on the internet but today I simply had to respond to this entry. I am so happy for you and so proud that you are following your dream. Keep writing. I’ll keep reading. What an incredible moment you’ve shared with me. much love, jim

  3. krista

    And to some, dreams are all they have…
    to make life a little more colourful and worth living.
    Many of us have dreams…but how many choose to live their dream and try to make it their reality?
    Because when a dream goes into fruition…
    The feeling is…
    all I could say is…
    it’s magical!
    WOWOWOWOW! I’m so happy for you! You’re my inspiration!

  4. jeanette

    why cant we see the actual bag?
    weve been following you for so long and hoping you would get it and you wont show us what you got? that made me sad, especially since i was hoping for you that you would get what u wanted. :(

  5. jonathan reyes


  6. omfg bryan boy, you really have to share your new bag with us!!!! ahhh please!
    and congrats, you lucky little bitch :D

  7. where is the bag? you post pictures of tissue papper and letters…but no bag???? um, okay?

  8. Dear BryanBoy,
    I want you to know that this post and your whole blog, in general, has been a huge inspiration. Although, I might not know the joy of receiving a bag designed after me, I hope for me it feels like what you felt after your dreams came true. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Wicked cool BBoy, and Marc is such sweetie pie. The dogs are so happy and smiling :o) I love seeing happy animals.
    That is one great present you`ve got.

  10. This is just so magical! You deserved it Bryan!
    We love you and adore you.

  11. awwww bb im so happy for you!! MJ is a freakin’ sweetie pie, and you really deserved this. much love, kara xoxo

  12. Snappy

    Did you get the ostrich leather bag? What color?
    Show and tell.

  13. =====
    I often dream for the outrageous and the impossible. My friends and family always tell me to stop doing it because they think it’s absurd and ridiculous.
    I feel for you. My mother is a v. good example of those people. She’s never satisfied with everything I do no matter how I excel. In her eyes, I am never good enough. Her constant put-downs made me depressed. She limited my personal growth. I had to cease contact with her for years. My advice: surround yourself with positive people who will support your dreams and don’t be afraid to reach for the stars!
    Congrats on the BB bag. You’re lucky to have Marc. You deserve it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

  14. For a blogger like me who doesnt dream as big as you, this is really something to be inspired about.
    congrats bb xoxo

  15. Congrats!:-) Am glad Marc Jacobs sent you the bag! You deserved it!:-) Shows Marc is not only ingenious but he is also a very sweet individual! Take some pics and show us the bag with you:-)

  16. Caroline

    Wow, that’s fabulous, I wish something like that would be sent to me!
    ps can you post the bag?

    You must believe in the law of attraction from The Secret cause damn. I am sooooo happy for you. I can picture your tears of happiness and they are well deserved.
    Did you get the whole outfit? The last pic shows a necklace. That would be amah-zing!
    AND people, of course he’s not showing us the bag yet. It deserves its own post, video, fashion shoot (with proper lighting), and press tour.
    Mr. Marc Jacobs I want to thank you for making Bryanboy’s wildest dream come true. You are THE MAN!

  18. This entry is the stinkiest pile of shit.
    Easy there tiger on the emotional talk.
    Why you talkin about dreams and all that when the bag is ‘in the bag’ so to speak?

  19. I don’t know if Marc reads comments but that was very nice and sweet of him. What a grand gesture. Congrats BB!

  20. lokaret

    ikaw na ang pinakabonggang pinoy na fashionista!!!!!!!!!!!!!! walang sinabi si tim yap!

  21. Damn TM…someone has an attituuuuuude. (Read The Secret.)
    BTW I forgot to say that I loved how your post even had a soundtrack. Funny as hell.

  22. marko jakob

    baka ikaw na ang ipapalit sa dating callboy niya na kabit? sosyal ka na bb, kaw na ang bagong boytoy ni marc…. taray!!! kaya mo bang mag top sa kanya? bottom siya? di ba bottom ka? im happy for you… parang crush ka niya hula ko…

  23. balotboi

    BB…this post trumps any Oprah & TiTi Banks grant a wish episode..
    I’m in tears…. Kleenex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. Where’s the bag? Where are the pics of the bag? Show us!
    I think you’re the next best thing that happened to Marc recently.

  26. greyskies&rain

    I’ve got goosebumps all over me while reading this. You’re so amazing… And Marc Jacobs is the most amazing demigod. I cried when I saw his pic with Daisy and Alfred.

  27. you are officially THE muse!
    you should cherish this moment bb. i’m so happy for you!
    kiss and love from LA

  28. Truly Magical! I loved the way you captured the moments i could really feel it…… i’m korean and my friends were pleased just to hear this news.. i say you are the inspiration for those asian guys who love fashion.
    Life is fabulous after all..

  29. ZOMGGGG i finally saw this post. You’re the super lucky lucky luckiest person eeeeeever in the whole wide wild world i tell you. you’re probably doing something right no??? more more more moarrr success!! so happy!! BB for President! :-D
    ps eat your hearts out schupid skeptics!! hehehe :-p

  30. nice!!!
    dreams indeed do come true,
    others just dream, but you dream a little more and do a little more for that dream…
    and that little really makes the big difference…
    you’re not really a role model type, but YOU ARE inspiration….
    eyeluvyah bryanboy!

  31. Samantha

    Whats up with not showing the bag? I mean you have this needlessly long build up then you leave people to wonder what color it is and how big etc etc. I mean is that what was in your “personal” message? Don’t display the bag and just show mounds and mounds of Marc Jacobs paper and necklaces and tags for suspense and advertising purposes?
    Either way congrats, your a testimony to the statement that wishing hard enough gets you what you want. Ciao!

  32. Snappy

    This is a milestone. I bet the next posting will be the unveiling of the BB bag with a dashing ensemble and the iconic pose. A momentous occasion like this I’m pretty sure the revelation will be delivered with a bang, not a whimper.
    Bryan, I can read you like a scroll. Such a tease.
    Hi from NYC!

  33. Lisa from Cali

    I am soooooooooooooooo happy for you Bryan! I will definitely get one, in your honor once I see the other colors. lol Seriously, I’m saving up for it. CONGRATS!

  34. Are you not awesome or what biatch!! I’m already celebrating Gay Pride this weekend in my hometown, and now this! I’m gonna get 2 drinks at a time ,one for you of course, and watch my liver rebel and fly away!!

  35. The ending of that post was like the Sopranos.. DON’T LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THAT!

  36. Umm…Tul, all that packaging and huge box for just a necklace? I hope you were drunk when you posted that.
    BB wrote that it’s not just the bag but the ENTIRE STYLE. Think bitch.

  37. this is my 1st comment ever! im gonna die of envy! I LOVE MARC JACOBS SO MUCH!! LOL i buy his collections whenever i travel the US and am so happy we have it here in the phils.. omg BB ur so lucky!!!

  38. I knew that Marc would give you the BB bag. I’m so happy for you…and a little bit jealous haha! I want to see the ad campaign for the Marc Jacobs FW 2008 already! I wish it would be inspired by you as well! Like the MbMJ campaign ;-)

  39. Whhooooaaaa!!!! Kudos to you BB! Cheers to living out your dream! I believe you have to hit the shows in NYC next season!!! xoxo

  40. Nadir Tejani

    No surprise here. Still, I believe the amusement was enough to give you three cardiac arrests. Looking forward to see the next pictionary. Congrats.

  41. Amanda L.

    No way!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Tommy Albert

    wahhh?? I got to get into this fashion blogging gig!
    happy for you :-)

  43. yanee`fashionee

    OMG.,he personally sent it. *sobbing-out-of-jealousy*
    hey marc J, if u’re reading this… can u pls say ‘Hi’ to Maryna Linchuk for me? and that she’s a gorgeous model.. IM BEGGING! :)

  44. Congratulations to you!!! I’m soo happy for you! The universe bow down to you BB!
    We would really appreciate it if you include a picture of you and the bag ;)

  45. Congratulations to you!!! I’m soo happy for you! The universe bow down to you BB!
    We would really appreciate it if you include a picture of you and the bag ;)

  46. http://youtube.com/watch?v=hKHysOO1Mes
    hehe. i really like you…
    ur cute and witty and yeah bitchy…
    im kinda bit wondering if you’re really gay.
    sorry to offend you but are you really gay???
    just a tought..
    i just dicovered you this morning but i like you already…promise..
    anyways.. please do check the url i paste along with this comment..

  47. joylet

    Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! Damn that pictionary shit! I don’t know you but I’m so fucking happy for you! Who the hell needs a boyfriend if you’ve got Marc Jacobs personally sending out stuff! SHIT! Go BB!

  48. divaronica

    YOURE SO LUCKY!!!!!!! but where’s the actual photo?
    Man, Marc Jacobs is THE SEX.

  49. Eurocity

    Bryanboy! We LOVE you and we are SO SO HAPPY for you! You make all of our dreams seems possible! If THIS is possible, anything is! You are the greatest inspiration! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  50. I’ve said this once and I’ll say again. You have a charmed life. Lucky bitch.
    God. I love it.

  51. bb, i’m speechless! first, marc jacobs named a bag after you, then the ads inspired by you, and now this!! :)

  52. How can I do this?? I also want one of MARC’s. You are so so lucky. Luck you! :) Keep up!

  53. u should have been the model for marc jacobs. the original. hmm….just out of curiosity, could u sue him for originality??

  54. chimpy

    aw this is so touching: Thank you so much Marc for being part of my dream, my reality and my life.
    dreams really do come true! you’re an inspiration bb!

  55. OHMYGOSH BRYANBOY.I’m triple hyperventilating for you.
    And what’s the song called?

  56. OMG! Is that really (as in really) from Marc Jacobs? You are one lucky bitch! I envy you!!! :-)

  57. it’s surreal! i’m not a MJ fan but still i can totally feel your excitement. and btw marc jacobs has got some impeccable penmanship :)
    enjoy YOUR bag! :D

  58. Glenn

    OMFg!!! I would kill and sleep with an old disgusting hag for that!!! ahhhhhhhh! (Well I’d still do it even for a Goyard! hahah)

  59. OMG! you are so lucky! but for what it’s worth, you most certainly deserve it. you’re right… fashin dedicashin! :D enjoy your bag! i love MJ and I’d be so happy even if he sends me a marc by mj bag! lol… :)

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