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On the last leg of my OZ trip, I went a little further up north of Sydney to visit a friend overnight. I wasn’t able to shop AT ALL in Sydney because a lot of the stores were closed on Sunday and I really didn’t have the time. I did visit the Chanel store for a few minutes… boy oh boy oh boy, that Americana collection is fantastic. But $6,000 (was it 6 or was it 8? I’m not sure) for a jacket? Rupert Murdoch lend me your mastercard please.

Bryanboy at Byron Bay
Bryanboy in trainers? SHOCK HORROR!

One of the shops I thoroughly enjoyed, believe it or not, was Woolworths… the Australian version of Walmart. It was a grocery store alright, smacked in the middle of nowhere New South Wales, and going there was soo surreal! If you have seen The Simple Life, think of me as Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie going to Walmart in bumfuck America. It was a visual feast seeing normal, non-fashiony, non-Margiela wearing Australians.

Click click click!

Look at the Aussies!

I really wished I brought our maid to take fun pics like we always do here in the third world. Australia is a place prime for photo ops and it’s a shame I wasn’t comfortable getting pics taken by people other
than our maid. Here in the flips, I know I wouldn’t have any problems walking around the street in a leather Gucci dental floss thong with my scrotum hanging out on the side but when it comes to unchartered territory… well… it’s difficult.

Fatty patty boom boom!

My friend and I went to a sushi place for late lunch.

I even made a new friend. Hahahaha! Karl Lagerfeld’s boy toy is dat chu? Brad Kroenig is dat chu?

And the dog!

I love Woolworths!

Woolworths Byron Bay

I bought like $150 worth of Cadbury Crunchies, the best best best best best thing EVER! I ate a shitload of Crunchies EVERY day in Sydney… like 10 of these 8-inch bars EVERY DAY. I must have gained 10 pounds in the past two weeks because of this shit.

Look at all that crunchy honeycomb goodness inside. How could you resist temptation? We don’t have Cadbury Crunchies in the flips so I might as well indulge while I was there.

What’s a trip to Australia without taking home vegemite?

More to follow!


  1. you actually look cute in running shoes :) smile more!! :) mas bagay sa iyo nag-ssmile!!

  2. william

    Oh God, Bryan, TRAINERS? And with a birkin no less! Heresy!

  3. fauzi

    anyway, a vegimite is like a jam for the bread, right? I don’t know.
    What is that for, eh?
    It’s like a termite food or something.

  4. BB the tar color of your blog is kinda giving me headaches. :(
    wohoo with the vegemite!

  5. xnoelle25

    i’m liking the trainers on you, actually…
    but vegemite.. oh my. i can’t stand that stuff.
    i hope you found it to your liking, though.

  6. hi bryanboy. first time ever to comment here. i’d just like to tell you that THERE ARE Cadbury Crunchies here in the Philippines. i love them to death myself. they can be found in any supermarket, if i’m not mistaken. :)

  7. maribien

    bry! i wanna have those crunchies, i havent seen u in ages u gotta gimme some! its like Violet Crumble right? haha! miss yah

  8. Charmaine

    Oh you slag! You were in Byron Bay!!! Loves it. So jealousy right now. If I’d known I would’ve sent you to my sister’s restaurant. Oh well. Next time!

  9. you hsould have had some cherry ripes too! aussie chocolate is soo good!
    hot byron bay boy!
    you definitely look hot in those trainers..true bogan style!
    ewww at vegemite.
    you should have had a meet and greet with your aussie fan…a possible picture and autograph signing!

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