Wanted: Thick Skin

Written By bryanboy

Wanted: Thick Skin

One of the things I hate about traveling is saying goodbye to lovely people you met and hung out with for a short, very short, period of time. It's ALWAYS the longest goodbyes EVER. I hate being a pessimist but I think you'll agree with me when I say that whenever one is on holiday, his or her chances of meeting the same people again in the future are almost slim to none.

The Ivy

It's 5:51AM… got back to the hotel about half an hour ago after spending the entire night at Icebergs and The Ivy here in Sydney. Some of the folks I met earlier this week are leaving in a few hours, back to their respective countries (POLLYYYYYY I'M GONNA MISS YOU) and it's kinda sad seeing everyone bid bye bye to each other etc.

Oh well. C'est la vie, no?


  1. tooliso

    sweets just because you aint next to them dont mean nothing, friends last for a long time
    p.s whens this Paris is Burning post coming!
    love ya

  2. Ilda Ignacio

    Hi Bryanboy (or can I call you just Bryan?)
    How long are you staying here in Sydney? We can take you around next weekend if you’re free. We can have brunch at Bondi beach on Sunday. My husband and grew up in Manila and we don’t bite (really, we’ll take you to the outback and do something naughty,hi-hi- just kidding!)

  3. P-Chook

    LOVES YOU soooo Much, In Airport crying at the sadness of leaving the best group of peeps behind me!!! the hosties with the mosties, j-Dog and B Boy…… Will 100% stay in contact with you Bryaaaan!!!! If I don’t you can wack me with one of your many Clutches…….. x x x x x x x

  4. betty love xox

    one foot in the posh pit, the other in the mosh pit – from burgers at Speedos to Bellinis at Icebergs – LOVE IT!!
    LOL re tagging Icebergs guest book BRYAN BOY ROCKS
    send me pix, see you next time
    sorry I missed dinner last night
    how was the Summit?
    sonny’s the BEST host yes?

  5. meagan

    hey, great photo.
    does any one know where the grey high waist pants are from that a girl in the front is wearing?
    I have been searching for these for ages.thanks

  6. OMG! Such a fun night…and yes there a few tears shed and the LLLOONNNGESSSTTT goodbyes known to man!
    Much love to the ‘Untouchable Fashion Week Family of 08’ ha. Till next year. xxx

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