Terron Wood is back!

Written By bryanboy

Terron Wood is back!

There I was, whingeing and rambling away at one of my friends on the phone how I’m soo depressed, how my life is so direction-less, how I need to do something ultra big, how I need another holiday from my ‘work’ holiday… then comes a little email surprise for me from Ms JD who popped by Ms Jason’s office at Major Models. Enough drama from a stale 20-something queen… talk about perfect timing and an instant perk me up. I’m soo happy!

Terron Wood
Photo: JD Ferguson

Terron Wood is back and how MAJOR is he? I’ve got more pics (I died!!) coming up from my favorite men’s board in the world EVER EVER EVER! Stay tuned.

PS. How fast time flies eh? I totally forgot how it’s Resort 2009 show season now… My god!!! I’m soo out of the loop I need to get my act together.


  1. Nadir Tejani

    Christian Dior’s show is (was?) today, in NY, and I think Chanel’s on the 15th. I’m not really excited this year, though. I think only Karl, Riccardo and Miuccia can pull off a good resort/cruise/whatever collection. Last year’s Dior was kind of a disappointment. Except for the soundtrack. God, I loved the soundtrack.
    “Don’t you know we’re riding on the Marrakesh Express/Don’t you know we’re riding on the Marrakesh Express/They’re taking me to Marrakesh!”

  2. I know this goes without saying, but this dude is really hot. Look at that bulge.

  3. Hopefully Christian Dior Resort for this year will better.The clothe are becoming to perfect no! Did you see autumn/hiver 2008 just to much.WOW!I’am sick of that leopard print and bejeweled exaggerative clothing.And I’m so happy Chloe replaced Paulo Melim Andersson with another desinger, it was just becoming to young and girly and with the girls horrible walks I didn’t even care about the brand anymore. I send positive energy to Hannah MacGibbon who just so happened to work under Phoebe Philo for five years. Ahhh Fashion.

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