Swag, swag, swag

Written By bryanboy

Swag, swag, swag

Here’s the first batch of the freebies I got in the past week from attending the shows. My favourite has got to be the cute keychain from Akira, the neon-coloured rubber bands from Sass & Bide Vie, the handpainted scarves (?) from Easton Pearson, MAC lip conditioner and yes, I even got a rubik’s cube!.

The $64 million question is… what should I do with this 500 ml bottle of Fluffy Ultra fabric softener? Excess baggage is US$25 per kilo…


  1. I say do away with it, but did you get the condoms from that show? they came in its own tin case and mock-sock looking thingo!

  2. Too funny! I once had to give up my shampoo and conditioner. An this was before 9/11.
    I’d spent all morning dribbling with concentration trying to decant the big bottles into easily carried small bottles[was only taking a backpack to Bangkok]. Couldn’t believe it when the fkcers asked me if I had shampoo on me, just before getting on plane.

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