Summoning the Margielic Storm

Fashion Victims unite! I’m sure y’all heard by now the LA Times’ exposé on how the brilliantly creative folks over at Maison Martin Margiela were “inspired” (yeah right) by David Penfound’s 1998 painting, Summoning the Storm. At US$1,395, Margiela’s dramatic tee is one heck of an expensive rip-off of a t-shirt that can be bought for as low as US$14.95!

Martin Margiela ripped-off David Penfound's Summoning the Storm t-shirt by The Mountain
Photo:, eBay

I went ahead and ordered two tees, one in size large and another one in XXXL (yes – extra extra extra large!) Are YOU thinking what I’m thinking? I see Paris, I see France. I see slits on the side and shoulder pads! Go go go, buy buy buy!