There’s a new TV series coming your way named Stylista. All of the kids you see below are vying for an editorial position at Elle, a lease-free Manhattan apartment for one year AND a clothing allowance at H&M (cheap bitches). I can’t wait to see this show. I love Joe Zee. I love him so much we’d make wonderful babies.

Now. Compare the promotional shot to the real life photo of the contestants. Ugly Betty called and she wants her stylist back!

Photo: CW

Someone just give me a job at a magazine already! I wanna be one of them closet whores so I could play dress up all day. Carine muy preciosa please adopt me, dress me in Alaia and let’s mince around St Honore, you, me, Emmanuelle Alt and Melanie Huynh!

And Emily? That’s all.

Update – 5:30PM: Is Raf Simons trying to send me a sign or something? Ugh! Look at the jacket on the rather rotund woman on the photo above and compare it to Mr. Raf Simons Sandal below.