Sass & Bide Black Rats

Written By bryanboy

Sass & Bide Black Rats

I took my Sass & Bide Black Rats out last night for yet another spin, this time in the third world. I look like a mess but whatevs. Those OVERSIZED menswear size small tops come in handy at times like
this. Thank god for ding a ling a ling ding dong coverage. I wore my
Black Rats with an old embroidered Alexander McQueen top. Oh how I wish I was 6-foot tall with super long and super thin legs. Sucks to be soo unlucky in the gene pool lottery.

Sass & Bide Black Rats

I’ve been getting a LOT of inquiries, both online and in real life. I’ll pop them a note and I’ll get back to y’all with detailed information as in when and where they’re going to be available, etc.


  1. francis

    Bryanboy…palitan mo yang kulay ng buhok mo at nagmumukha kang katulong. Thanks.

  2. Nadir Tejani

    Oh my god, I can’t believe you were carrying a briefcase rather than a handbag. But it does look good indeed. The McQueen top is a killer, definitely. And the leggings really seem to be made of coated leather or something, the material looks amazing. It’s too shiny to be leather, but it looks like coated material. Reeeeally nice.

  3. Andrea

    You’re in Power Plant? I totally recognize the fountain in the back. Hahaha! Anyway, love the Sass and Bide Black Rats you’re wearing. :>

  4. Hey BB! i LOVE your black rats from the S&B F/S08 .. please please please post up more pics.. fkn gloriousness.

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