Sad day.

Written By bryanboy

Lung Cancer StagesSad day.

My mother told me a few hours ago that one of our childhood neighbors (as in the guy beside our house) was diagnosed with Stage 3 lung cancer. I don't have the specifics but what I do know is that the man is in his 50s and he's a father of four. Like everyone in my family, I'm shocked. It's too close to home and cancer is no laughing matter. I hate hearing news like this.

What annoys me the most however is that my mom is using this "revelation" as ammunition to make me stop smoking… she's now on a higher horse more than ever. I know she's right… let's face it, I've been smoking for at least 10 years. Look the term "chain smoker" on the dictionary and you'll see my fugly mug on it.

I want to stop… and I will!

Oh help me god.

PS. Big request to my readers in Singapore! I know it's late now but will someone please take a photo (or a scan) of today's Straits Times (Sunday Times). I got an amazing mention on their article about Asian Bloggers called "Asia's Blog Stars". I have the digital copy here but it's not the same as taking a photo of it. I need it for my portfolio so when I turn 75, I'll show it to my adopted children's children and tell them "holy shit y'all when I was young, I was thin and at one point I was fucking famous". Hahah! Just kidding. If you're generous enough (hah), send it to me by post. Bryanboy, MCPO Box 2044, Makati City, MM 1250 Philippines. Thanks guys and I love you all!

Asia's Blog Stars

PPSS. The photo looks absolutely familiar… maybe they "borrowed" from ROFLMAO Hmm. Y'all should've contacted me for a better photo. Hahaha! Thanks again for the lovely mention!


  1. frockwriter

    Went to see Iron Man yesterday and was kind of shocked to see an anti-smoking ad before it – a woman who was dying (and later died) from lung cancer, saying she hoped her participation might help deter people. We see lots of quite graphic anti-smoking ads on tv here in Oz (CG mockups of cancer-stricken lungs, limbs, mouths etc..) but I don’t ever recall anything at the cinema before. Particularly in front of a film with such a youth skew.
    She was 38.

  2. Hey BB, I had the same horror 3 days ago. My partner rang from UK ( he is on holiday visiting parents ) and told me one of his employees has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. This particular lady is one of the sweetest, most hard working and loyal people I know. She is off to get a Mastectomy next month and will have to go under Chimo.
    I feel devastated. It is damn hard to see someone you know goes through this. It is a good idea to quit smoking, I tried and did not succeed. Good luck to you and your neighbour.

  3. frida

    i think chain smoking runs in the family. and we are genetically predisposed to live with our vices (alcohol and tobacco)

  4. your mom is right… quit smoking… we don’t want you to die young, because we love you BB!!

  5. my dad was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer last february! hes still alive, but hes gettin weaker and weaker. i dont want to think of the coming days… its really depressing.

  6. Chinita

    To Frida: No such thing as being predisposed to chain smoking or other vices. My parents were both chain smokers. My dad was a semi-alcoholic. Except for one sibling who smokes and drinks, the rest of us children don’t have such vices.
    Stopping all these vices is just a matter of willpower.

  7. Hey !! Bryan!
    I’m sorry to hear about your neighbor. And good luck about quiting smoking. I’m cutting down as well :)

  8. anita

    I’m very sorry, maybe with her health be better, kisses :*

  9. if you have ever worked with alcoholics or other addicts, you would definitely know that there is such a thing as genetic predisposition! it can be hard wired. anyway, dear bryan, it looks like you are at the contemplation stage, which is great! you can try various things to control your cravings. look into zyban/wellbutrin (bupropion), which should be available in the third world since it is older. it’s also coincidentally an antidepressant! (and mild stimulant so it won’t make you dull or lose sex drive). the newest is varenicline / chantix, which may or may not be available there! either way, you gotta have a system- and work with your doc! post more about your progress!

  10. Lonni

    You can do it! Just remember the fashion world and stinky old cigs go together like a witch and her broom! How else are we supposed to stay so damn thin???? I use arriva(pressed tabacco powder, the same ones lindsay lohan is always seen carrying) nicotine gum, and snus. People without their nicotine are MEAN and unhappy. Quitting cigs can make you feel 1) depressed 2)shitty 3) hungry and 4)insane BUT the upside is IMMENSE! I hope you can quit BryanBoy–just remember you can get your nicotine fix in much safer, non smokable forms. Quitting cold turkey doesn’t work unless you have the willpower of Buddha! Mark Twain said “quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.”

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