Quotable Quote

One of the most frequently asked questions from the fash pack this week is where in the USA I am from. That, or, am I from LA or something. A lot of people thought I'm American because of my accent and it doesn't help that (in my opinion at least) my irritating distinct voice is constantly BOOMING everywhere I go. I've been asked this question hundreds, if not, thousands of times over the years and I always, always have the same canned answers about how I was born, raised AND live in the boondocks of the Philippines, how my country used to be a former colony of the United States and how Americans have such a strong influence there. I love them yanks. I really do.

Front-row at the New Generation show. The lady beside me is from Vogue Australia. Oi vey!

Y'all have heard my nails-on-the-chalkboard voice. And I also have a speech problem… let's not even go THERE!

Click click click!

When everyone under the sun asks me that question, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not I REALLY sound American. It gets me every time.
Every time! It’s similar to people with body odour. You know how people
with BO can’t tell they HAVE BO because they’re used to their own scent
and the only way for them to know they stink is when someone tells them
about it? Perhaps it’s the same with accents. I dunno.

I just find everything fascinating. As someone who is not capable of expressing (verbally) what they want to say in an eloquent manner (I’m just not one of those people), I’m still glad that, in some cosmic whatever way, I’m somewhat capable of communicating with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I’m sure some people probably have it worse than I do. 

I remembered what happened on one of my many afternoons at the tents…

X: “You really sound American!”
Me: “No…. I don’t sound Americaaaannnnnn!”
X: “Yeah you do!”
Me: “I don’t!!!!!”

I don’t know what went over me but I suddenly looked at Fern Mallis and then said these words:


BFF wannabe much?

Oh snap. Right after I said those words I realized holy Bryant Park, I
did not just do that to the head honcho of NY Fashion Week. It’s funny
but at the same time a little embarrassing.

Y’all know me though. Embarrassment is my middle name. LOL.