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Quotable Quote

One of the most frequently asked questions from the fash pack this week is where in the USA I am from. That, or, am I from LA or something. A lot of people thought I'm American because of my accent and it doesn't help that (in my opinion at least) my irritating distinct voice is constantly BOOMING everywhere I go. I've been asked this question hundreds, if not, thousands of times over the years and I always, always have the same canned answers about how I was born, raised AND live in the boondocks of the Philippines, how my country used to be a former colony of the United States and how Americans have such a strong influence there. I love them yanks. I really do.

Front-row at the New Generation show. The lady beside me is from Vogue Australia. Oi vey!

Y'all have heard my nails-on-the-chalkboard voice. And I also have a speech problem… let's not even go THERE!

Click click click!

When everyone under the sun asks me that question, I couldn’t help but wonder whether or not I REALLY sound American. It gets me every time.
Every time! It’s similar to people with body odour. You know how people
with BO can’t tell they HAVE BO because they’re used to their own scent
and the only way for them to know they stink is when someone tells them
about it? Perhaps it’s the same with accents. I dunno.

I just find everything fascinating. As someone who is not capable of expressing (verbally) what they want to say in an eloquent manner (I’m just not one of those people), I’m still glad that, in some cosmic whatever way, I’m somewhat capable of communicating with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I’m sure some people probably have it worse than I do. 

I remembered what happened on one of my many afternoons at the tents…

X: “You really sound American!”
Me: “No…. I don’t sound Americaaaannnnnn!”
X: “Yeah you do!”
Me: “I don’t!!!!!”

I don’t know what went over me but I suddenly looked at Fern Mallis and then said these words:


BFF wannabe much?

Oh snap. Right after I said those words I realized holy Bryant Park, I
did not just do that to the head honcho of NY Fashion Week. It’s funny
but at the same time a little embarrassing.

Y’all know me though. Embarrassment is my middle name. LOL.


  1. I grew up in the Philippines and worked in call centers, when I got in the US for the first time everyone thought I was born and raised in the US because I dont have an accent (meaning I speak good english)… So its no wonder
    Australians would think you are American because they have a strong accent…. I worked in a UK call center and all customers thought we were
    Americans…… Just a thought for you.

  2. bryan, i’m a fan of your blog, i think you’re quite fab. i’ve heard you speak though on your videos and you do not sound american. you’ve got an accent going on which is fine because you are from where you are. you do have a.. distinctive voice, your english is fine but you definitely do not sound american.

  3. Lloyd's of London

    Well you do kinda have this valley girl/ southern california accent going on, which is a very distinct American accent to many people internationally. Bryan it baffles me how you got an accent like that (with you being born & raised in the Philippines), “the valley” and the Philippines are totally different worlds.

  4. “Y’all have heard my nails-on-the-chalkboard voice”

  5. Hi bryan it’s cool all this fashion week shebang is happening to you! very happy for you- all that excitement.
    anyway, the accent thing, i dont think geography is a factor with the accent one acquires. i think its more of what you;ve been exposed to on a daily basis that trains your tongue (haha) to speak that way.
    I am born and raised in the Philippines but i have a british accent. strange huh. but i have british friends (my best friend specially) and talk to them on a daily basis thus the ‘infection’. all filipinos talk like americans anyway. i dunno. its all in the training

  6. nogrammarnazi

    bryanboy, u- i adore. as in that unconditional mother-to-son kinda love. Ur writing is brilliant. ur sense of fashion- i may not agree with all the time- but i am a huge fan. gurl?! u got style.
    now, lets talk about ur speech communication/elocution- just talk and talk-practice practice- ul get there ur that amazing.
    remember babe, the best accent has no accent at all– where its all about the language- phonetic and etymology. not the accent.

  7. Jazzii.

    Born and raised in Pinas, I get that comment alot too. I can do British and Aussie accents as well.
    Anywho,did you happen to know a Stella from Gucci in the fashion week?
    She’s a friend of a friend.
    Message me if you do. :]

  8. we moved to Aus when I was 11 and I had an “American accent” for a while until I was about halfway through HS. I figured, just because you could pronounce your “R’s”, they’d think you’re an American!
    Have you had a meatpie yet? Ask them to take you to Harry’s.

  9. lalita

    Geez. I couldn’t relate more, BB. I was born and bred in the Philippines (never been out of the country matter-of-factly) yet everybody thinks I grew up in the US because of my accent. While I’ve worked in a call center for 2 years now, I just got to be on the phone with the yanks for 3 short months. My expat bosses don’t even speak good English and I didn’t grow up speaking the language at home either! What the culprit is? Too much viewing of American movies/shows. That’s how I came to the conclusion that you don’t have to speak with a person with an American accent or one with a distinctive accent for that matter on a regular basis for the accent to get rubbed off on you–you can do so through mere observation.
    But then again, just like you, I may have the accent but I’m unable to verbally express myself eloquently. My thoughts are more often than not jumbled in that I had to cut myself off while speaking whenever I see the need to start relating it all over again. Is there a cure for this?
    Oh well, you’re one lucky bitch, BB! I love Australia and will always dream of going there! :)

  10. J’adore your tuxedo style pants!
    Sorry but you do sound American. Not that I would say it to your face :)

  11. regina spectator

    JAN –
    ”No accent” is not tantamount to “good English”. Philippine Senator Miriam Santiago has an undeniably strong accent but her English is impeccable; ergo, she knows her subject-verb agreement, she understands that “furnitures” is not the plural form of “furniture”, and she recognizes that “with regard to” is the proper way of saying “with regards to”, among other things.
    It’s hard to tell in writing that you don’t have an accent but it’s certainly easy to spot that you don’t have a good command of the English language (“…I speak good English”????? You probably meant, “…I speak English well”).

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