Quick Break

Written By bryanboy

Quick Break

Day 4 of the shows here at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and I'm just taking a break from all the action. Went to the Camilla show this morning, sat front row right beside the OMGGORGEOUSNESS buyer from Villa Moda. Also went backstage to take photos for The Age, a broadsheet down in Melbourne. Hotness!!

I love you all! More updates soon!!


  1. eMutt

    You look fabulous and I’m so happy you got this trip to Sydney!
    P.S. My cat says “ytttttttt6dsssssssssssssssx -000000000000000”

  2. fish_sauce

    I’m just around the Opera House, nakakaloka, can I stalk you?
    Kahit photo op lang lol. And I see you haven’t done your Bridge Climb yet.

  3. I just cannot believe it..
    you arrived in Sydney as I left..that is so unfair :-(

  4. gracing

    Hi Bryan
    This is my first comment on your blog, I drifted in from Chuvaness’ blog a while back.
    Anyway, I was moved to send in a comment when the first thing I saw on The Age’s website this morning (the first thing I do with a cup of coffee handy!) was your familiar face! I like their description of you! Hope you make it to Melbourne too.. Our Fashion Week rocks!!!

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