Noémie Lenoir and Laetitia Casta – Vogue Paris June July 2008

Written By bryanboy

Noémie Lenoir and Laetitia Casta – Vogue Paris

Holy gorgeous Noémie Lenoir batman! With all this hype about women of colour on the covers of Vogue (Italia, American, Abybloodyssinian bloody Vogue), is the June/July 2008 Vogue Paris double cover issue a clever ploy by Carine and Co to know which cover will sell more… the ethnic girl or the white girl?

Same outfit, same poses, same everything except for the hair.

Noémie Lenoir and Laetitia Casta, Vogue Paris, June July 2008

Answers on a postcard…


  1. LAETITIA WHO?????

  2. yeahyeah

    I don’t know if it will be a contest about which sells most because often you can’t chose between different covers in one store (becuase each store gets a shipment of one of the covers, not a mixture of both), unless people are actually prepared to go to different stores until they find the one they want.. at least that’s how it was with the Aggie i-D issue last month which had like 5 different covers.

  3. The brown/tan girl is more attractive and appealing to the eyes.

  4. Noemie is rocking it. Draw a line alongside her neck,then shoulders, curve of her back, bum and legs, then see the elegant shape her figure is making. Same lines in Laetitia are shallow, short and not so elegant. Laetitia doesn`t have chance, Noemie is the clear winner to my opinion.
    Laetitia`s pose looks like too much effort, very posed.
    Noemie is natural and effortless.

  5. black people here dont buy vogue, so laetitia definitely, who is noemie?
    never heard of her..bad choice
    still, i cant recognise laetitia on this cover, too much photoshop all i see is mascara
    you should be on the cover bb

  6. I liked the other girl,Laetitia Casta? It looks more fashion to me.

  7. Fashikon

    It doesn’t matter, seeing as the only numbers they will see are circulation numbers collectively, not for which cover sold more.

  8. Barbie

    I’ve been a Laetitia Casta fan since her Victoria Secret days and she is definitely one of my favorites in the industry. However, in this juxtaposition, Noémie Lenoir gets my vote. (And I agree with the previous comment, Laetitia is barely recognizable in this cover, I had to give a 2nd, 3rd and 4th look with my reading glasses on!)

  9. From far way, Laetitia’s cover looks like it could be Jeisa Chiminazzo. Had it actually BEEN Jeisa, she would have got my vote;however, Noemie is a unique beauty.
    Noemie for president!!..or the cover,at least

  10. vegeta

    Miss Lenoir hands down, definitely in my top 5. Who is this Bryanboy anyway?

  11. I bought the white girl in the airport in Rome only because the other Vogue with Miss Ethnic Girl wasn’t around.
    Magazine distributors share the racist blame! :p

  12. i noe i noe im super late but y didn’t they just do one issue, when i got the italian vouge with naomi campbell on the cover i was told it was a collecters item and not only that it was a reprint becuz it sold out so fast, theu shud have just done the cover with a black girl, im black and i like it lol =)

  13. Anyway. What really bothers me is how “ethnic girl” has to be mixed with white to be pretty to be mostly on a magazine covers. Noémie Lenoir has green colored eyes and from what i see, at least from this photo, has very caucasian facial features the only thing that is preventing her from looking like a total white girl is her mocha colored skin. All you need is to photoshop her skin a little lighter and she’s a white girl.
    Weird. Laetitia Casta dont even look like Laetitia Casta i mean she’s white but naturally she’s not white like paper! Look at the foreground she basically blends to that white wall! (either thanks to Flash/light and make-up)
    In the end I think both have photo magic qualitites to their covers

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