Marc by Marc Jacobs – Men's, Size Small

Written By bryanboy

Marc by Marc Jacobs – Men's, Size Small

To be honest with you, the reason why I dress the way I do (which I've been doing so for YEARS) is the fact that I cannot seem to find anything I like in the men's department IN MY SIZE. Take the most basic Marc by Marc t-shirt for instance. It's a size small.

Marc by Marc Jacobs polka dot t-shirt

Is it a tent or is it a dress? It's not like I'm a midget or anything. I'm probably taller than Marc himself! Shit… if I had it my way I would roll up the sleeves, wear my red Hermès belt to cinch it on my waist, go bottomless and don a pair of red skyscraper pumps but no, there's no way I'm gonna do that because I don't want my ding a ling a ling ding dong and my bollocks exposed for everyone to see.

The good news is… I found something at women's (as always) in my size, which is small. Hah!


  1. Brian

    Fuck your funny bitch. Ding a ling. Oh shit, laughing so hard.

  2. congratulations on going to australian fw! (a lil slow of me yes…) but thats really inspiring at how hard you do work on your blog to be recognized and invited to attend!! thats amazing!

  3. You should totally customize that shirt into a dress thingy. BTW are those the Black Rats?

  4. foxtrot

    when i look at this pic you look like a woman already. even your face looks female; with ur short hair ur like a chinky agyness deyn

  5. Yeah, same, M for Mj`s run big. I bought a size 0 jacket couple of years ago on the web, based on the fact that I always wear a 0 and they usually fit well, and had to give it away coz it was huge every where. Huge wide shoulders, gigantic boob seams and the only right things were the length of the sleeves.
    I guess they measure for average American fatass chics.

  6. Totally love your blog. Made me chuckle about returning to your lovely cocoon in the Third World.
    I agree. It is lovely.

  7. traver

    Hello there. What a coincidence dropping by into your blog since I’ve tried to fit that shirt too in Marc Jacob here in my country just today. I was really interested in the shirt, but when I fitted their size small, it was too baggy and too long that it would have look like you we’re in a dress. Do you know why MJ shirts have bigger measurements? It was my first time to drop by to their store today and I was hoping to buy a jacket since it was a good investment, but to my disappointment, there were only shirts and pants available. I ended buying a pants then. My place was really far from where MJ store is located and I wouldn’t want wasting any gas just for going there and buying nothing.

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