Kiss from Anna

Written By bryanboy

Kiss from Anna

Mammamia amici miei! Them Italians must love me! Following the footsteps of Corriere de la Sera's (Italy's biggest newspaper) fashion supplement Io Donna and Marie Claire, Anna from Rimini, Italy bought this teen magazine called "Kiss Me" today and guess who got a mention…

Kiss Me, Italia

"Per te che sei una fashionista: Bryanboy   Se impazzisci per la mo a e gli accessori più in  el momento, non puoi non visitare il blog  i Bryanboy il ragazzo americano folle,kitsch,eccessivo e shopaholico a cui Marc Jacobs ha  e icato una borsa  ella sua nuova collezione: la BB"

Kiss Me, Italia

Wow! Next up… Teen Vogue! Hahaha I wish!

I love it when my readers tell me I get mentioned here and there, otherwise I wouldn't know! For instance, I was on a Chinese newspaper last week and if it weren't for my sister's former classmate who's now living in Shanghai, I wouldn't be able to find out about it.

Thanks Anna and thanks Kiss Me! Grazie grazie grazie!


  1. cute. Bryan when are you gonna start doing “SLUT of the DAY”again?

  2. I could almost hear my European languages-speaking colleague, Monica, translate all those for me.
    In which toungue do you think you would be mentioned the next time, Bryan…? ^_^

  3. gobsmackd

    So, you’re American now? According to the snippet that you quoted from “Kiss Me” you are not only that but apparently mad as well! I’d sue! Can’t be long before Carine Roitfeld knocks on your door, babe.

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