I am bored and I'm exhausted from being bored.

Written By bryanboy

I am bored and I’m exhausted from being bored.

I’m utterly bored of the sameness and the banality that goes on around me. There’s something in the air and I can’t figure out what it is. Italian Glamour magazine recently interviewed me (Viva Italia again yeehaw! Milano, Roma, Firenze, Venezia and what the heck, Rimini… y’all keep an eye out for it!) and they asked me to describe my typical day. It was only until now that I realized shit, holy hermit batman, I really don’t have that much of a life. My life is as exciting as a bag of walnuts!

I’m stuck in a rut and I need to get out of it quick. It’s strange for me to say that now because IMO, things are going so well for me. I’m in no position to ask for more because I don’t know what (and there’s nothing really) to ask.

Photo: Anne Lin. Oi what camera is that OMG I look so thin!!

I think I know what I need.

I need to feel human again. I need to be inspired. I need to feel emotion that lingers for more than a few minutes (you won’t get that from Raf Simons footwear I’m telling you). I need to be happy. I need to be sad. I need to be angry. I need to be perked up. I need to go bat ape crazy and do cringe-worthy things I’ll regret in the future. I’m going through a stage where I’m simply indifferent to MY environment. I’m akin to an emotionless robot, pecking away on my keyboard all day long.

Let’s fold scarves!


  1. gvanci

    Oh… you’re so tragic. Honey, haven’t you thought about learning something new recently? I am so busy every minute ’cause I’ve much to do and don’ have time to feel bored. It’s soo gorgeous to be busy person.

  2. i know what you mean. i write a blog too, and with the heat this weekend in los angeles, i essentially spent a majority of my days on the computer. it’s a strange mix of experiencing things from a screen and not in person. get outside, go shopping, drink lunch. taking a break is always a good idea.

  3. uhhh… then do something about it! you’re fab and all but you tend to whine! be like kate moss, “never complain, never explain”. then again you are a blogger and explaining is all in a day for you. anyway you are beyond cunty, you better start appreciating that.

  4. Funny how you found spare time to post a comment on my blog, Gvanci, considering you are oh so gorgeous and oh so busy.

  5. I may not be a blogger, but I feel the same. Life simply tends to hold much irrelevance at times, and sometimes all you want to do is get out on your own.
    My advice: Find some looovvin. Someone who deserves your attention, and vice versa. Love you like nobody’s business here, but the blog can wait. Do something amazing before it’s too late.
    ..and yadda yada:p

  6. why not join a tour? like a backpacking tour? a walking tour? camping in anawangin? budget tour in palawan where you share rooms with strangers? that would be fun. or travel around the country. go to batanes, vigan, mayon volcano, mindanao. discover places and meet new people. people who are normal and not part of the elite. stay away from fashion or blogging for a meantime. or while you travel around the country, you blog about your experiences ala coconutter.

  7. “I need to be happy. I need to be sad. I need to be angry. I need to be perked up.”
    You forgot I need to be fucked.
    Or why not join a reality show? Hahahahah…
    Please go to the mountains or a remote area and live with a tribe for a couple of days. That should be interesting.

  8. James James Jimmy James
    I’m already sorted when it comes to the ‘I need to get fucked’ part and I don’t need to be fucked for another… well.. let’s just say a few more months.
    HAHA! ;)

  9. vishan

    well definetly your not alone in this…
    just finished watching two seasons of desperate housewives
    and was actually thinking i should move to wisteria lane….
    sounds crazy….when ur really desperate for something to happen everyday….

  10. That’s what you call mid-life crisis, dear. When you’re already *BLEEP* years old. ;P Just live life and dont let yourself too caught up in all that whirlwind… if it may be the cause of your need to feel (more) human again. :)

  11. ♥get a lovelife my dear nd u’ll find more zest in your life!*wink*…
    …you’re gorgeous!!!Üi always wish that i’d get to see you in Makati Post Office everytime I pass by that area…=)

  12. I tell ya, there must be something in the water cos I feel sooooooooooo bored too.
    But then that’s because I stupidly left my boat and came back to work. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    But one day, I’ll be back on the good ship Arigato Jack and I’ll be coming your way, BB, and then you can do a photo shoot in a John Mayer bikini up on my bowsprit.
    Yeah, and quit whinging. Learn a new language; Do some charity work.
    He he he he he.

  13. Honey when a girl like u is bored the only answer is to fucking shop no?

  14. Dimitri from Philly

    Hey Bryan, hate to always be the one with the psychological comments but it sounds as though you’re a bit depressed maybe? Or it could be a temporary bit of the “blahs” which happens to me sometimes too. I’ve always found that socializing with people gets me out of the funk. Hope you feel better soon! BTW I never did get my stickers. -frown-

  15. why don’t you take up a course or something? internship perhaps? just for a couple of months? because your australia post was so exciting and i could feel the emotions while reading your posts…

  16. You are so full of shit.
    “It’s strange for me to say that now because IMO, things are going so well for me.”
    If things are going so well for you then why are you bored? What triggered your quarter-life crisis? Clearly you are a very unhappy person on the inside and outside.

  17. Hi BB,
    Shopping should do the trick! or go to a nice place like the one ive visited recently. Peraquum resort in the maldives. but damn, its so fuckin expensive…lol
    ur fabulous and stay as fab always…:)

  18. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, you do need a good poking is what you need. That’ll bring you out of the funk you’re in now.

  19. I know all too well what you mean. That just goes to show where creativity and inspiration lie.

  20. gvanci

    Darling, you need to know some thing: I have an hour every day to visit my favourite sites and your blog is one of them!
    PS. that was just an advice.. you may not take it into consideration:)

  21. You’ll figure it out luv. You’re a strong and creative person.
    PS. I LOVE Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. I use that line all the time when bored at work! xoxo TOODLES

  22. ZOMG!gossip girl!i so love them!(:
    bryan thank you!there’s this new ostrich hermes bag, maybe you will like it too.

  23. Bernice Mariel Vergara

    Hey FAG(Fucking Amazing GAY):)
    wish you were holding your very own Marc J.’s ostrich Bag in the pic:( maybe a pink one♥errr w.e. color you want;)
    P.s.thanks for being my thinspiration:D

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