Front Row at Thurley

Written By bryanboy

Front Row at Thurley

Thurley is quite nice! The models are absolutely gorgeous and there were lots of beautiful dresses which are absolutely feminine and fantastic. I loved that show; the music was nice, too.


There’s this one white dress towards the end of the show that, IMO, was cool but the construction was quite questionable. Not particularly sure what happened but as the model walked the runway, bits and pieces of the dress (what looked like flower petals? oops!) fell off on the catwalk… otherwise, I think it was a great, immaculate show.


  1. Haha, channeling Anna for a front row moment. You have GOT to get to Paris/Milan/NY soon… :)

  2. Kelly

    I think you have to be one of the luckiest person alive!

  3. Kevin L.

    Bonggang bongga ka! Talbog clang lahat! You’re fierce! I love you!

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