Front Row at Illionaire

Written By bryanboy

Front Row at Illionaire

The Ilionaire show was quite fun. The clothes are youthful and cute. I *love* the gold shoes on the guys and of course, I love their little look book/catalog as well.


Check out what it says on the front.


  1. the food must be great in Sydney,you look really healthy and glowing! dare I say your legs and arms look abit more meaty!!! thank god! keep eating!!! you look better bigger!

  2. sandie

    I’m so happy for you! I’m sure you are having lots of fun!

  3. Thanks for your posts from Sydney, Australia. Am visiting Sydney in July and would love to see a “Bryanboy’s insider guide to Sydney” where you recommend your favourite restaurants, shops, nightclub establishments for visitors looking for something different.

  4. fauzi

    Bryan, let me ask you. Do you want to be the “OLD” bryan or the “NEW” bryan?
    I like the old bryanboy and why? That bryanboy is thin and cuter.
    The new bryanboy is cute too but er, to me, you look meaty now than before..
    Puh-lease, work on the thigh baby. =)

  5. supahhstar

    just to let you know, you are featured on

  6. I’m so happy your here in Oz! Should have organise a BB meet and greet fans get together! Btw, your looking absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Hello, I was really impressed with your achievements at the recent Australian fashion week that I must blog about! Congrats! Can I seek your permission in using one of the photos to highlight your achievement? Cheers!

  8. i was going to watch the illionaire show but the show started too late i hate waiting more than 15 minutes for things

  9. i was going to see that show but god it started it late and i hate waiting more than 10 minutes, but it got amazing reviews did it not, espeiclaly in the theatrics if i am remembering the right show!!!!

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