Crossover Ties, Colonel Ties – Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf

Written By bryanboy

Crossover Ties and Colonel Ties

Praise Jesus! Thank GAWDDDD for helpful British people on the internet. I’ve been trying to figure out what these are called for the longest time and it’s only until now that I found out what the hell they are.

Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf, Crossover Ties

Click click click!

Apparently these are called “crossover ties” or “crossover bow ties”
which are essentially cravats with no knots.

These crossover ties are cheap like pancakes. I found them online
for US$6.95 apiece and they come in different colours. I’m buying a

Gossip Girl, Crossover Ties, Blair Waldorf

Crossover Ties
US$6.95 @ Happy Chef
Click here to buy.

More colours for you…

Gossip Girl, Crossover Ties, Blair Waldorf

Crossover Ties
US$4.95 @ SolidColorNeckties
Click here to buy.

Colonel ties on the other
hand are crossover ties with a bow.

Gossip Girl, Colonel Ties, Blair Waldorf

Colonel Ties
US$4.95 @ SolidColorNeckties
Click here to buy.

All of you hardcore Gossip Girl fans can thank me now. For those of
you out there who looooves Blair’s wardrobe, go go go, buy buy buy!

Amazing eh? You know you love me.



  1. Nadir Tejani

    I actually want the bow tie Chuck was wearing on the wedding. Or possibly the handbag Blair was carrying before going in the helicopter? Not sure.

  2. wag ka ng bumili ng blue bb, maghiram ka na lang sa kahera ng jollibee. nakaganyan din sila. fashion talaga, kung ano ano na lang.

  3. Nadir Tejani

    Seriously? I actually thought it should be, but I had only seen the monogrammed version of it so far. This one looks much better.

  4. Gabriélle

    I always love Blair’s preppy & classy look. What I’m loving is this half-hand-covered gloves I don’t know what it’s called but I’m so gonna cut my Balenciaga gloves in half. lol
    XX Gabriélle

  5. Being a big Gossip Girl fan, I had always wanted to get these “cross-over bow ties.” I even fancied making one myself by buying ribbons from Carolina’s. Thanks to you, I can save myself the hassle and the effort of making one from scratch. Keep those wonderful tips coming! XOXO

  6. Ashtray Girl

    OMGGGGG I want the red and navy blue ones so badddd. That would be so perfect for Schoolgirl Day. :(
    Gagawa nalang ako, I’m cheap eh. HAHA.

  7. You helped me find an integral part to my Halloween costume this year! Thanks!

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