Corelli's Cafe, Newtown

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy’s "A-HA" Moment #16,310: Corelli’s Cafe, Newtown

The ever so helpful Patty offered my third world ass a ride to Sydney domestic airport earlier this week.  We stopped by Corelli’s Cafe in Newtown for a quick brunch. Y’all know me. In spite of my obsession with all things thinspiration, I’m a very voracious eater, I’m not picky and I’m willing to eat anything and everything edible. I love food! I really do.

Bryanboy, Patty Huntington, Corelli's Cafe, Newtown Sydney

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Corelli’s Cafe

Corelli's Cafe Newtown, Sydney

Patty ordered for a nice burrito whereas I went for the kill — a nice, little tender juicy medium steak on a bed of mashed potatoes and gravy.

Halfway through my meal, I discovered a thing on my salad, underneath all those cucumbers. Mind you, it was still alive… flapping its wings, hanging on for dear life.

Is it… a bee??????????????????????????

I enjoyed my meal but I lost my appetite. I’m not used to having insects served with my food but whatevs.

I have no idea how a moth got into my salad. I was shocked! It could’ve been worse… at least it wasn’t a cockroach. In some parts of the world they eat deep fried insects… scorpions or what have you.

Oh dear. Something for the memories eh? Dayum I enjoyed the steak.

The folks at Corelli’s were nice and they didn’t charge me for my food. If that happened in the third world, you’ll either get a series of denials… or a half-baked apology.


  1. ew @ that gross bug thing! lol it’s so kind of them not to charge you!
    i’m so jealous of your adventures in australia!!!

  2. hoy bryan, laman tiyan din yon ha! d2 nga sa pinas ang daming nagugutom!
    paki-translate nyo na lang mga readers o kaya si bryanboy (magaling ka naman sa english eh!) hindi ako marunong mag-ingles. di pa nga ako high school graduate eh!
    aber kaya nyo i-translate ang laman tiyan sa ingles? hahahahha! bigyan kayo ni byanboy ng oreo as usual pramis ha!

  3. Mileia

    ew. u should’ve pulled a diva stunt: shrieked in horror and threatened to sue. yeah so it wasn’t a cockroach or rat poo but STILL!!! we live in the 3rd world, what’s their excuse???

  4. gobsmackd

    Darling! Newtown IS the 3rd world! It ain’t exactly Woollahra, innit? Come back to Sydney and we’ll show you what’s cookin’ and it ain’t that moth!

  5. Chinita

    Don’t be so harsh BB. Our restos in Manila are, slowly but surely, keeping up with the rest of the first world in terms of resto standards. Just a couple of months ago, I was eating at Apt. 1B and didn’t like one of the dishes I ordered. But I was resigned to my fate. When asked by the waiter if I enjoyed my meal, I said yes, except for that one particular dish (I forget now what it was…it was that forgettable!), which my friends and I didn’t finish. When we got our bill, to our surprise, that bleah dish was not charged. So take heart BB, the third world will soon catch up.

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