China Rocks!

Written By bryanboy

China Rocks!

My sister's friend in China finally sent us a photo of the newspaper where she saw me. To all my new Chinese readers, this message is for you!





I see what they did there with my age… but what I don't understand is… why am I seeing the number "35" on that article? Haha! *wink*


  1. carrieb

    darling bryan boy!
    the 35 in the report indicates that 350000 people (thus 35 WAN in cheenaspeak) visit your site every month!
    love from singapore!

  2. Hi ‘furong bro’ (that’s what they nicknamed you in the article), the 35 is actually 350,000, which refers to the approximate number of times your blog has been viewed by ppl per month according to the New York Times.
    Wowow! what a record!!! Keep it Up :-)

  3. ’35’ there wasnt your age…but the fact that over 35 million ppl have visvited your website per month…^^

  4. jazzii

    Where in China is this newpaper from?
    Btw, have you heard on what has happened to Kyle Avila?

  5. ohh it means you have a monthly readership of 35000 hits on your blog!

  6. amanda

    they’re saying that every month your blog has hits of 35000 readers; and according to New york times you are one of the 9 most popular bloggers etc etc=)

  7. Sue C

    the acticle say nearly 350 thousand ppl check on yr blog every month….u rock the world!!!!!!

  8. skintouch

    我也愛你, 布萊恩 XD 你的個人秀實在太讚了! 加油!

  9. maria

    hey bryanboy, i can read chinese… they have put that you are 19 years old there

  10. Conde Nast Inern

    omg, bryan boy! you’re set to take over the Chinese world! I’m excited for you!! Although i hate that they likened you to “furong jiejie” – everyone secretly laughs at her in China, and i think you deserve better!

  11. Verene

    The newspaper basically says that you are 19 years old, the Germans reported you to be the “male Paris Hilton,” a muse of the fashion world, have an income enough to buy a ticket to an Alexander McQueen show and Marc Jacobs naming the ostrich bag after you.
    Go BB! The world loves you! And if I haven’t been reading your blog I would think that you are 19 as well!

  12. well, actually the article reports how popular you are now in the fashion world/internet.
    Yet in the first paragraph they stated that many Chinese bloggers nickname you as “male version of Sister Furong”…… not a very positive comment…… check out here to see:
    and the other paragraphs are just reporting your stuffs like job, blog and how you get famous.
    anyways, i adore your personal style, stay strong, boy!

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