Celestina Minaudieres by Tina Maristela Ocampo – Vogue June 2008

Written By bryanboy

Celestina – Vogue June 2008

Giselle Cordero is gonna crucify me for saying this but look at all these chica clamshell minaudieres by Filipina designer Tina Maristela-Ocampo as featured on US Vogue’s “Last Look”.

Celestina Minaudieres
Scanned by: The Prophet

They’re so gorgeous and CHIC but soo ultra mega expens$$ive!! Click here to see a selection of Celestina products are available online at Vivre.


  1. hayley

    they are soooo gorgeous!
    the shells are soo beautiful, who would of thought of using actual nature for fashion.
    ohhhhh and look at the clasps, they should of made pearl ones too.
    ohh *dribbbbbble*

  2. beektur

    First time to comment here only because Tina Ocampo did it again. These items have been sold in the souvenir stalls in Cebu and SM Filipiniana sections for decades now. The idea is not hers.I remember buying hordes of this for my mom and aunts when I went to Cebu…in 1991! Shameless.

  3. Beekturia Curt

    I find “Beektur’s” comment laughable. I don’t think the designer of Celestina attempted to claim total originality for her stuff. However, she is the first to make these items totally luxurious. Once again, it’s so easy to diss somebody especially if that person’s doing well. Cheer up!

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